Rotatory actuators for high forces

Always there when power is needed: HELLA Rotatory actuators for high forces are used in applications for locking and unlocking or closing. This is the case, for example, with large flaps and locks or seat release mechanisms.


The actuators consist of an regulator with rotary output, driven by a DC motor. Operation is by means of voltage application via a 2-pin connector with “+” and “ground” contacts. The actuator can be reset by reversing the polarity or, alternatively, automatically using a return spring. Mounting is possible at a total of three connection points. HELLA Rotatory actuators for high forces can also be used without body mounting via a Bowden cable attached to the application. Here, the operating noise can be additionally minimized or contained by a foam body. The rotatory actuators for high forces are extremely robust and can be used in a variety of applications thanks to their compact design.

Product Advantages

  • Electrical locking/unlocking & closing
  • Very high actuating forces
  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Interference suppression class 3
  • Universal interface for Bowden cable
  • For universal use

Technical Data


Electric rotation right and left

(-781 reset right by spring)


181 g

Voltage range

9 – 16 V
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C


interference emissions

≤ 75 V

Interference suppression

(in all areas)

Intensity level 3

Housing material (top side)

PP-GF 30

Housing material (bottom side) PP-GF 30
Degree of protection

IP 5K0

Vibration resistance

(IEC 68-2-64)

3 geff.

Program Overview

VariantTorquePart numberPackaging unit
Retraction via spring, power extension150 Ncm

6NW 009 424-781


Power extension and retraction300 Ncm

6NW 009 424-791


Electrical retraction and extension, without shaft, without cable sheave, and without metal clip300 Ncm

6NW 009 424-777