Pedal sensors

Determining speed: HELLA accelerator pedal sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications in different vehicle sectors. Whether for upright or pendant surface mounting: The accelerator pedal sensors can be used for passenger cars, for example sports cars or electric vehicles, as well as for numerous commercial or special vehicles.


The contactless measurement of the CIPOS® sensor technology developed by HELLA (CIPOS = contactless inductive position sensor) ensures minimal wear – a major advantage over contact pedal sensors.


The housing and pedal plate of both the upright and pendant HELLA accelerator pedal sensors are made of recyclable, fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Force transmission and safe resetting are provided by two independent springs. The CIPOS® sensor provides the electrical output signal. In both pedal variants, a cursor sheet is guided from the pedal plate with deflection rod (upright) or the pedal arm (pendant) over sensor conductor tracks of the measuring board. On the measuring board, two galvanically isolated sensors each generate an output signal. The signal type depends on the measuring board. Individual characteristic curves can also be programmed to meet customer-specific requirements.

Product Advantages

  • Contactless measurement principle
  • Slim and sturdy design
  • Simple mechanical connection
  • Redundant output signal
  • High measurement accuracy
  • No programming or “teaching” in the vehicle necessary
  • High immunity to interference from electrical and magnetic fields

Pedal sensors

Technical Data

  Pendant pedal sensors

Upright pedal sensors

Operating voltage

5 V ± 10%

5 V ± 6%

Initial force

20 N

15.5 N

Final force 35 N 31 N
Actuation angle



Output signal

2 x analog ratiometric, 2nd channel half pitch

2 x analog ratiometric, 2nd channel half pitch

Idling voltage

15% / 7.5%

16% / 8%
Full throttle voltage 88% / 44% 79% / 39%
Operating temperature

-40 °C to +80 °C

-40 °C to +80 °C
Protection class IP 5K4

IP 5K4

Program Overview

Variant Part number PU
Pendant pedal sensor 6PV 009 898-007 1
Upright pedal sensor

6PV 312 093-017

Off-Highway pedal on request 1