Jumbo LED auxiliary headlamp


New addition to the HELLA product family: The Jumbo LED adds another powerful auxiliary headlamp to our Jumbo series, which has been renowned for decades. The full-LED auxiliary headlamp, which is particularly suitable for use on lorries, has a striking EdgeLight position light, has an impact-resistant yet lightweight plastic housing and is, of course, ECE-tested. The demands on vehicle lighting are particularly high when it comes to commercial vehicles: long-distance lorry drivers are on the road day and night, often over long distances.

Therefore, safety plays an essential role for truck drivers in a variety of visibility conditions. Lamps and headlamps have to help the driver to maintain an overview of the road in all situations and also provide visual relief. Last but not least, the visual appearance is also becoming more and more important. For many long-distance lorry drivers, it's important that their truck has a unique appearance.

The headlamp is highly recognisable due to its bright smile

As a vehicle lighting solution provider, we present the new Jumbo LED full-LED auxiliary headlamp, a new high beam headlamp that combines an attractive design with state-of-the-art technology.

 This headlamp can even smile: The new Jumbo LED

The unmistakable light signature with a striking LED position light shaped like a friendly smile is the real highlight: the new streetsmile. This makes the light signature highly recognisable compared to similar products of other brands. In addition, the delay-free light signal enables a conspicuous headlamp flasher function. When switched on, the Jumbo LED shows its full strength: It provides illumination similar to daylight.


It enables fatigue-free driving, even on long trips. It doesn't matter whether it's day or night: regardless of the lighting conditions, the full-LED Jumbo scores points with its characteristic lighting design. This is due to the EdgeLight technology that we carried over from the automotive sector to equip the Jumbo LED. The inspiration for the design of the light signature and the striking design trim in the upper part of the full-LED auxiliary headlamp comes from the round Luminator LED auxiliary headlamp design, which HELLA brought onto the road in 2019.  

Particularly energy-efficient thanks to LED technology

The Jumbo LED with LED position light is available in two versions: either for pendant or upright mounting. Despite the extremely stable thermoplastic housing, the auxiliary headlamp is a real lightweight at only 980 grams. In addition, the auxiliary headlamp is particularly energy-efficient and fuel-saving thanks to state-of-the-art LED technology.

For example, the power consumption at 12 V is 1.3 W for the position light and 8 W for the high beam. The power consumption at 24 V is 2.7 W for the position light and 8 W for the high beam. The Jumbo LED is tested in accordance with the new ECE regulations (ECE R149 high beam, ECE R148 position light, ECE R10 EMC). The auxiliary high beam headlamp is supplied in the illumination variant ECE ref. 25 and is ideal for mounting on the roof bar. Thanks to its multi-voltage function, the Jumbo LED is suitable for 12 and 24 volts rated voltage.  

Jumbo LED: Specifications

- Clear, cold-white LED light - Long-lasting light output - Delay-free light signal with headlamp flasher function - Multi-voltage: suitable for 12 V and 24 V voltage - High beam with reference number 25 and with position light - Particularly energy-efficient and fuel-saving - Power consumption at 12 V: position light 1.3 W and high beam 8 W - Power consumption at 24 V: position light 2.7 W and high beam 8 W - ECE type-approved - Weight 980 g

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