Technology & Products / 15.01.2019
Technology & Products / 15.01.2019

HELLA reveals the future of mobility at AutoMobili-D

Demo vehicle to feature sensor and lighting technologies


Plymouth, Mich., January 15, 2019. HELLA will showcase its safe and smart electronics and lighting technologies at the third annual AutoMobili-D, Jan. 14-17, 2019, taking place at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The company’s demo vehicle in the AutoMobili-D atrium and its partner booth, which it shares with its joint-venture company HBPO GmbH, will demonstrate HELLA’s mobility solutions, including sensors, lighting and more. Its technologies on display are designed to enrich passenger comfort, convenience and safety and support industry trends, such as autonomous driving, connectivity & digitalization, and efficiency & electrification. "HELLA's innovations are vital to digitizing the mobility ecosystem and enabling a customized, connected and autonomous tomorrow, and we’re looking forward to sharing our unique solutions with our stakeholders attending the show," said Steve Lietaert, President of HELLA Corporate Center USA.

At its booth, HELLA will highlight its:

  • Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs), which are integrated into the rear combination lamps of the 2019 Audi A8. Each of the eight OLEDs on the Audi A8 are subdivided into four segments that are individually controllable and emit extremely homogenous light on all sides. When leaving and returning to the vehicle, different distinctive “coming home” and “leaving home” animations are shown. The company’s other lighting technologies featured on the Audi A8 – including Matrix LED headlamps and supporting dynamic laser high beam spot lights, along with its ambient lighting and Matrix LED reading lamps – will be featured digitally.
  • Static Relay Attack Protection for Remote Keys via Motion Detection technology, showcased through a Car Access Demo. This technology addresses the growing problem of thefts and break-ins via cyber relay attacks facing automakers and vehicle owners. Through these relay attacks, hackers can take advantage of remote key fobs’ vulnerabilities to gain access to a vehicle and its functions, such as unlocking doors and in some cases starting the engine via wireless signals. The company’s cybersecurity solution protects against these attacks by putting the key in “sleep mode” while it is not moving. Unmoved key fobs cannot be triggered by any wireless communication device.
  • Rear lamps in the Cadillac CT6, which offer an elegant, fluid appearance through its thin, yet complex design. Created through a unique combination of LEDs, total internal reflection optical concepts, light guide distribution elements and optical surface textures, the rear lamps deliver a fresh look with curves and accents not previously seen before on a Cadillac.

In addition to the rear combination lamp showcased in HELLA’s booth, a 2019 Cadillac CT6 will be on display in the AutoMobili-D atrium, highlighting an array of HELLA’s innovative electronic and lighting solutions. Demonstrated technologies on the vehicle include:

  • Structural Health and Knock Emission (SHAKE) Sensor - a first-of-its-kind solution for providing cars with the sense of hearing and touch in order to increase a vehicle’s awareness. The AutoMobili-D demo will showcase the technology’s intelligent damage detection capabilities, which detect the severity of damage, and time and place of the incident. Damage detection – including paint damage, dents and more – is recorded and a report can be delivered to vehicle owners and mobility companies. Beyond damage detection, the SHAKE sensors have other functionalities not being demonstrated as well, such as road condition analysis. Positioned in the wheel case, SHAKE can precisely measure the amount of liquid on roads to alert drivers or automated systems of the preventive actions required to handle hazardous conditions, such as hydroplaning, and prevent accidents.  
  • 4th Gen Radar - a fourth generation, mid-range radar sensor with increased field of view, resulting in significantly improved detection capabilities. The narrowband technology helps provide customers with advanced driver safety features by enabling functions such as blind spot detection, lane change assist, rear cross traffic alerts and more. HELLA has continued to apply its electronics expertise to develop 77GHz radar technology, in addition to working with AEye on customized sensing and perception solutions for ADAS and automated driving.

Additional HELLA technologies that come standard in the Cadillac CT6 include the accelerator pedal, intelligent battery sensor, rain light sensor and exterior lighting.

HELLA’s AutoMobili-D booth AD07/08 can be found in the autonomous driving section of the show’s footprint. More of the company’s technologies will be displayed for select customers in an invitation-only private exhibit space on the third floor of Cobo Center during Industry Preview days.

Beyond product displays, AutoMobili-D visitors will get a look at HELLA’s vision for the future via its Passion for Clean Mobility video, which also can be viewed here.

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