Technology & Products / 11.01.2017
Technology & Products / 11.01.2017

Driving New Mobility – HELLAs Leading Lighting and Electronics Technology at the 2017 North American International Auto Show


PLYMOUTH, Mich., January 11, 2017 – HELLA is showcasing the latest in lighting and electronics technology in its Innovative Technology Solutions Suite during the Supplier Days at the 2017 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit.


Based on the experiences from the past two years, visitors will have the chance to discover how HELLA is Driving New Mobility as a leading lighting and electronics supplier. Under the slogan “Future Mobility 2025,” an all-new Innovation Table is used to present end consumer-oriented use cases featuring products and functions that enhance automated driving in day-to-day situations. Visitors will directly interact with a digital interface on an oversized touchscreen where multiple users can simultaneously explore new mobility concepts within different driving scenarios.


One example of the close interaction between lighting and electronics functionalities is a use case featuring a fully autonomous vehicle driving into an urban environment. Without any intervention by the driver, the vehicle recognizes traffic signs and traffic lights to then adapt its acceleration speed accordingly. The vehicle’s environment is constantly being monitored by a combination of radar and vision based driver assistance technologies, to ensure safe conditions for all road users.


“There is so much for people to see at NAIAS that we want our guests to be able to quickly find our newest and most-innovative technology,” said Steve Lietaert, President, HELLA Corporate Center USA, Inc. “With this new approach of presenting our advanced technologies combining HELLA’s lighting and electronics competencies, visitors have a unique opportunity to take a look into the not too distant future of mobility and the possibilities shaped by both our current and future products.” 



Other innovations featured on the Innovation Table include lighting systems that have the ability to project warning messages onto the street or the car itself to inform other road users about possible hazards hazardous situations that lay ahead.


In addition to safe and efficient driving conditions, HELLA is increasing the comfort level inside the vehicle for the passenger(s) with different ambient options available through the entertainment system including several lighting scenarios.

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