Technical service


HELLA supports the motor trade and workshops with professional training courses and a technical hotline as well technical information from practitioners for practitioners. Experts with many years of vocational experience communicate their in-depth knowledge to you and are also there to lend a hand directly with specific repair jobs. Make use of our technical service – it will pay off for you.

Technical Training

Make the most of HELLA's technical training and get fit! We cover the following areas: Lighting, electrics, electronics and thermal management. Our varied and target group-specific training courses include technical training, product training, sales training and also online training. The courses are made up of 30% theory and 70% practice. You will find further information in HELLA TECH WORLD.

Technical hotline

This is where you can get competent answers to questions related to diagnosis, technical information and products. Our staff have technical and practical experience and can help you solve any problems related to e.g. the installation of products or system-specific problems and can also supply you with technical product data directly from the manufacturer. You will find further information in HELLA TECH WORLD.

Technical information

We also offer a wealth of technical information from all HELLA’s areas of expertise: lighting, electrics, electronics and thermal management. There are documents and brochures that can be downloaded and easy-to-operate online tools to help the dealers and garages on a day-to-day basis, as well as in-depth technical information. From hands-on experts for hands-on professionals. In 16 countries, HELLA supplies over 130 documents containing basic technical information, over 1,000 with vehicle-specific information, around 8,000 sets of assembly instructions and another 20 more comprehensive technical documents, all free-of-charge. You will find further information in HELLA TECH WORLD.
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HELLA TECH WORLD for garages
Take advantage of the HELLA TECH WORLD! With up-to-date technical information and practical tips, we will professionally support your garage.