What characterizes a HELLA product? Use of innovative technologies, it goes without saying. And, use of high-quality materials. All this matters a great deal to us. But a product would not be a HELLA product without one more crucial characteristic: Satisfaction of the highest quality standards.
After all, our expectation from ourselves is to offer our customers consistently high product quality which sets standards on the market. High expectations – which we meet by applying stringent internal quality criteria and continuous comprehensive HELLA-internal inspection procedures some of which go far beyond the required standards.
A product can only carry the name HELLA once these criteria have been satisfied in every respect.
But don't just take our word for it, find out for yourself in the area of city buses and coaches. We are sure you will be impressed with the high quality of HELLA.

  • Quality that speaks for itself: Splash water testing of city buses and coaches with HELLA illumination

HELLA – a name which stands for products with unsurpassable quality. Find out more on our Microsite how we maintain this quality standard at all times – and which extensive testing procedures we carry out to achieve this.

  • Quality that speaks for itself: Splash water testing of city buses and coaches with HELLA illumination

The HELLA high quality standards are not just relevant to lighting products – it goes without saying that they also equally apply in the area of electrics and electronics.
In order to ensure our quality expectations are met at all times, we also carry out comprehensive testing at the product development stage. The relevant parts are only approved for series production once they have passed these tests. Comprehensive quality tests defined in accordance with the high HELLA standards are also continuously carried out during production. They include tests to determine resistance to salt and splash water as well as dust and suitability for high-pressure cleaning. Additionally, thermal tests are also carried out to determine resistance to cold and heat – and also physical tests such as dropping and vibration tests and force tests. This is the only way to ensure that the products can also withstand high loads on a continuous basis. These physical tests are also complemented by electrical tests that simulate real-life conditions – also during continuous operation.
An electronic product can only be approved by HELLA internally and subsequently delivered to the customer once all the specified quality tests have been successfully completed.

  • HELLA electronic components are subject to stringent quality controls
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