LED circular module
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LED circular module

Rotes LED-Ringmodul in innovativer LED-Edge-Light-Technologie, von HELLA
Klares LED-Ringmodul in innovativer LED-Edge-Light-Technologie, von HELLA
Strichzeichnung LED-Ringmoduls, von HELLA
The HELLA LED circular module with 112 mm diameter is the direct successor of the previous 009 362 series which can be replaced 1:1 with the new module.
This is a combined tail light / stop light incorporating innovative LED edge-lighting technology with peripheral lighting function which clearly sets it apart visually from the previous product with semi-circular stop light illumination.
This can be combined with the HELLA 009 001 series which means the lights can be implemented in full-LED or hybrid technology.
12V or 24V versions with clear or red lens offer ample design scope – as do the chrome-plated or silver design rings which are available as optional accessories.
The ring module provides has IP 6K9K degree of protection which provides outstanding dust and splash water protection and it has also been tested to HELLA standard 67101 which makes it suitable for high-pressure cleaning. It is not sensitive to vibrations which means it will continue to function reliably at all times, even under significant stress.
The HELLA LED circular ring module is visually and technically convincing in every respect. The innovative LED edge-lighting technology, peripheral lighting functions and homogenous appearance of the tail light and stop light provide clear design accents.
Its compatibility with the 009 001 series offers customers a high degree of technical versatility. This allows full LED as well as hybrid lamps to be combined in an extremely straightforward manner. The predecessor series 009 363 can be replaced without problems which means a fast upgrade to the new modern LED edge-lighting technology is possible.
They also come with the well-known benefits of LED technology: Outstanding energy efficiency, zero maintenance and a particularly long service life.
A range of versions with red or clear cover lens and optional silver or chrome design rings is available to maximize design freedom. Of course it goes without saying that because this product carries the HELLA name, the quality is second to none and innovative state-of-the-art technology is used.
Operating voltage: 12V and 24V
Type approval ECE: E24 7R-025889
Functions: Tail light / stop light with 30 red LEDs
Power consumption:
  • Tail light: 12 V: 0.2 W/0.02 A; 24 V: 0.75 W/0.03 A
  • Stop light: 12 V: 3.5 W/0.29 A; 24 V: 3.8 W/0.16 A
Polarity reversal protection: Yes
Specification: HELLA standard 67101, class 7.2 Agro
Lamp dimensions: Diameter 112.3 x 48.9 mm
Operating temperature: -40 °C to + 50 °C
IP protection class: IP 6K9K
Attachment: Using three PT4 screws and an adapter ring
Electrical connection: 250 mm cable with 3-pin AMP Superseal connector
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