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2016-08-11  Company

HELLA significantly grows sales in fiscal year 2015/2016

  • Group sales rise to about EUR 6.4 billion (+8.9 per cent)
  • Adjusted EBIT improves to about EUR 476 million (+7.1 per cent)
  • Adjusted EBIT margin of 7.5 per cent in line with the previous year
  • Proposed stable dividend of EUR 0.77 per share
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08/18/2016 09:52
2016-07-14  Company

HELLA Group revenues grow significantly in challenging market environment

  • Publication of preliminary figures for fiscal year 2015/2016
  • Sales grow by 8.9 per cent to circa EUR 6.35 billion
  • Adjusted operating profit (EBIT) increase to about EUR 476 million
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07/25/2016 13:56
2016-06-23  Company

HELLA PAGID is the new partner for the Audi Sport TT Cup

Audi Sport TT Cup begins its second season // HELLA PAGID sponsors Audi Sport TT Cup
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07/25/2016 13:54

HELLA sells activities in the Special Applications segment

  • Hamburg-based traditional company Wünsche Group acquires business with innovative street and industrial lighting
  • Dutch technology company TKH Group intends to acquire the airport lighting business area
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07/25/2016 13:51
2016-04-28  Company

HELLA plans new development center in southern Germany

  • Focus on automotive lighting technology, especially LED solutions
  • Opening planned for fall 2016 in the Stuttgart region
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07/25/2016 13:49
2016-04-13  Company

HELLA continues strong sales growth

  • Group revenue increased by a good 10 percent in the first nine months of the current fiscal year to 4.7 billion euros
  • Operating Group earnings adjusted for one-time effects (adjusted EBIT) increased by about 9 percent to 345 million euros
  • Automotive segment continued to grow faster than global automotive market
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05/04/2016 13:53
2016-01-11  Company

Strong sales growth in the first half year

  • Group revenue increased significantly about 12 percent in the first six months of the current fiscal year to 3.2 billion euros
  • Operating Group earnings (adj. EBIT) adjusted for one-time effects increase by about 13 percent to 256 million euros
  • Revenue and income forecast confirmed for current fiscal year
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01/19/2016 12:10
2016-01-08  Company

Bernard Schäferbarthold appointed as new CFO of HELLA

Assuming office at the latest on January 1, 2017
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01/19/2016 12:08
2015-11-24  Company

HELLA continues to grow wholesale business through acquisitions

  • Wholesale organisation Nordic Forum systematically strengthened
  • Share in market-leading Danish wholesaler FTZ increased to 100 percent
  • Share in second largest wholesaler Inter-Team in Poland increased to 100 percent
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02/09/2016 09:16
2015-11-18  Company

Managing Director China Jörg Buchheim to leave the Management Board of HELLA

Responsibility for the China region will be fully transferred to the divisional leadership
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02/09/2016 09:13
2015-10-26  Company

Carsten Albrecht to leave the Management Board of HELLA on amicable terms

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11/03/2015 12:41
2015-10-22  Company

Behr Hella Service Celebrates 10 Years

A straight run of success on the national and international aftermarket for the thermal management expert ever since its founding in November 2005
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11/03/2015 12:43
2015-10-15  Technology & Products

New Passenger Car and Transporter Engine Cooling Catalog for 2016/2017

On more than 1,400 pages, Behr Hella Service presents over 3,400 vehicle-specific replacement and universal parts
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11/03/2015 12:53
2015-10-13  Technology & Products

HELLA LED lights: Excellent illumination, low energy consumption

HELLA will be presenting innovative LED lighting solutions at the METS Boat Show // Highlights: the EuroLED 75 ceiling light and the Module 70 LED Generation IV deck floodlight
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02/09/2016 09:08
2015-09-25  Company

HELLA Annual General Meeting: Shareholders receive dividend of EUR 0.77 per share

  • Shareholders ratified the acts of management of the General Partners, the shareholders’ committee and the supervisory board with a large majority
  • Large number of shareholders attended the Annual General Meeting
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11/03/2015 13:00
2015-09-25  Company

HELLA grows by about 14 percent in the first quarter

  • Automotive and Aftermarket business driving sales development
  • Earnings (EBIT) pulled down strongly by failure of supplier
  • Full year: sales forecast confirmed, earnings expected to be down on last year
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02/09/2016 09:04
2015-09-17  Company

Operating earnings (EBIT) in the first quarter and forecast for the full financial year 2015/2016 affected by one-off charges due to the failure of a Chinese supplier

  • Sales in the first quarter increase by 14% to EUR 1.50 billion; organic growth of 10% after adjustment for exchange rate effects
  • The failure of a supplier in China leads to negative one-off charges in the first quarter and the remainder of the financial year of up to EUR 50 million overall
  • Supply chain adjustments have already been initiated
  • Preliminary operating earnings (EBIT) in the first quarter decline to EUR 69 million (previous year quarter: EUR 95 million) due to negative one-off charges
  • Forecast for financial year 2015/2016: Sales growth in the middle to high single-digit percentage range confirmed, EBIT likely down year-on-year as a result of the negative one-off charges
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02/09/2016 09:01
2015-09-04  Company

HELLA moves up into MDAX

Inclusion of the listed family-owned company on 21 September 2015
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02/09/2016 08:57
2015-08-14  Company

HELLA grows substantially and increases profitability

  • Group sales rise to about € 5.8 billion (+9%)
  • Automotive segment with Lighting and Electronics as main growth driver
  • Adjusted EBIT improves to about € 445 million (+12%), adjusted EBIT margin increases to 7.6%
  • Outlook: plans for additional international growth
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02/09/2016 08:55
2015-07-15  Company

HELLA increases sales and earnings

  • Publication of preliminary figures for financial year 2014/2015
  • Sales grow by 9 percent to circa EUR 5.83 billion
  • Adjusted earnings (EBIT) increase to about EUR 445 million
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02/09/2016 08:54
2015-05-20  Company

HELLA free float increases significantly

  • Free float increases to approximately 28 percent
  • Family shareholders place around 13.9 million shares with institutional investors
  • Mid-term objective MDAX kept in sight
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02/09/2016 08:53
2015-04-28  Company

CFO Dr. Wolfgang Ollig will resign from HELLA Management Board

  • Contract expiring on June 30, 2016 will not be extended at his own request
  • Dr. Ollig will fulfil his responsibilities as CFO until a successor has been decided on
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02/09/2016 08:52
2015-03-27  Company

Nine month results fiscal year 2014/2015: HELLA increases sales and earnings

  • Sales up 7 percent year on year to EUR 4.218 billion
  • Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) increase by 14 percent to EUR 309 million
  •  Expected growth in full-year sales and operating profit in a middle to high single-digit percentage range
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02/09/2016 08:51
2015-01-22  Company

HELLA's Stock Market Listing Wins Award for European Equity Issue of the Year 2014

  • HELLA KGaA Hueck & Co. receives highly regarded award from the International Financing Review
  • Winner in the category "EMEA Equity Issue"
  • Award affirms custom-tailored transaction structure
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02/09/2016 08:49
2015-01-19  Company

HELLA strengthens commitment to North European wholesalers

Shares in FTZ increased to 79%
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02/09/2016 07:59
2015-01-09  Company

Half-yearly financial report for 2014/2015: HELLA increases sales and returns

  • In comparison to the same period of the previous year, sales grow by 6 percent to roughly 2.83 billion Euros
  •  Profit before interest and taxes (EBIT) rises by 29 percent to 221 million Euros
  • Equity ratio improved to reach 36 percent
  • Forecast for increase in sales and returns confirmed
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02/09/2016 07:57

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