mega macs bike

The mega macs diagnostic solution for motorbikes

Mega macs PC Bike and mega macs 42 SE Bike: powerful diagnostic tools for two-wheelers

With engine management and drive-by-wire systems used by many motorbike brands, diagnostic tools are essential for motorbike service and repair.

A range of motorbike diagnostic tools to suit your needs

Hella Gutmann Solutions offers a range of diagnostic solutions for motorcycle workshops. There’s the mega macs 42 SE Bike, a version of the popular mega macs 42 SE specifically for motorcycles; the mega macs PC Bike, which is a software solution based on the mega macs PC, which can be used in conjunction with a Windows® PC or tablet; or Bike Plus – an upgrade for other mega macs devices that adds motorbike compatibility.

All the essential diagnostic functionality and more

Whichever option you choose, you get comprehensive coverage of motorcycle makes and models, functionality that allows the reading/deleting of error codes of all control units, parameter representations, actuator tests, basic settings, coding and re-progamming, and service schedules.


Together with advanced features including detailed fault code explanations, possible causes and symptom-based troubleshooting, mega macs diagnostic tools for motorbikes enable fast and accurate fault-finding and repair.

Key features

✓ A range of solutions to suit your workshop’s requirements and budget

✓ Packed with features for fast and accurate motorcycle diagnostics

✓ Existing mega macs hardware can be upgraded for motorbike compatibility