Car Body Lighting

Small Lamps: diverse safety lighting

HELLA implemented for the first time LEDs as light source in a center high mounted stop lamp in 1993. Since that date the market for Car Body Lighting changed: Nowadays the styling of the center high mounted stop lamp can be adapted with various optical systems to the rear lamp styling. In the range of license plate lamps it is possible to abandon the special theft protection, because a change of the light source is not necessary anymore. Beside signal functions in the rear end of the car Car Body Lighting at itsfront end play vital role in the HELLA portfolio, too. New styling trends are using the opportunity to place signal functions like direction indicator, position light and/or daytime running lights that were once in the headlamp as separate lighting function in the front end area of the car.

HELLA offers for all of these products a comprehensive portfolio and thanks to its special and long expertise is able to develop cost efficient solutions based on standard components, but also customer specific, styling driven products.

Marker Light
Marker Light

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