Wearing parts

Lighting professional meets braking power

With an extensive range of wear parts like brake components or bulbs, HELLA makes a valuable contribution to the road safety for all kinds of vehicles: cars, trucks and special vehicles. The product range is continuously expanded in line with customer requirements. We can look back on decades of experience as an OEM and offer the sales competence of one of the largest trading organisations in the world. HELLA also offers you a wide choice of wearing parts such as a comprehensive range of light bulbs, wiper blades, and more.



When you are out on the road, everything depends on optimum visibility, so absolutely reliable lamps are a must. The right technology for every case - that is why HELLA brings a strong range on to the road:

Xenon: for more performance
Performance: for more light
Design: for higher demand
Lifetime: for a longer life cycle
High wattage: the extra for professionals
Standard: for more economy

At the same time, all our bulbs - from standard through to Xenon - provide completely reliable high performance at all times. If you are concerned about safety, at HELLA you can be sure of finding outstanding and tested quality for every vehicle. Which of our innovative developments do you want to choose for your customers? In every case HELLA will ensure their safety and absolute satisfaction.

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Wiper blades

Here quality has profile! Our wipers contain a great deal of high tech, enabling you to have a free view over a longer period. The high-quality coating made of nanographite particles considerably reduces the friction between wiper and windscreen. The result: even and smooth operation - with longer wiper durability. Clear visibility for everyone: we offer your customers a wide range of vehicle-specific and universal wipers for cars, vans, agricultural and construction machines, commercial vehicles and buses. Safety - for HELLA always a question of technology.

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Ignition coils

HELLA’s program of ignition coils already covers over 80 variants and is continually being extended. These are coils for static high-voltage ignition distribution systems, in which the control is entirely electronic - there are no longer any moving parts. All modern cars with gasoline-powered engines use this or similar equipment.

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