High-Performance Electronics
High-Performance Electronics

Full-Service Electronics Solutions from Hella

Although lighting electronics is where we got our start, we have also offered comprehensive expert vehicle electronics solutions for a long time, working on issues that are critically important to the automotive industry: increasing energy efficiency, minimizing CO2 emissions, and enhancing safety and comfort. HELLA supplies a large number of innovative electronics solutions, such as the Intelligent Battery Sensor for efficient energy management or our lane change assistant, which uses 24-GHz radar sensors to enhance driving comfort and safety. Find out more about selected innovative electronics solutions:


Efficient Energy Management

HELLA has a leading global position in electronic micro-hybrid components. Contributing to this is the Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS), which already forms the heart of energy management in the vehicle at many automakers as well as voltage stabilizers which are used to aid the start-stop function.
Using high-performance DC/DC converters, 48V/12V converters and energy storage modules, HELLA provides the required components for the coming on-board electrical topologies, thus enabling functions such as gliding mode and recuperation.
The portfolio is rounded off with products that pave the way for e-mobility, like scalable battery management systems, insulation monitoring, charge converters and high-voltage converters.


Driving Comfort And Safety

From seat control, conventional remote control key systems and receiver control units to passive entry/go systems, HELLA offers a wide range of solutions for complete driving comfort and convenience, and we are always hard at work on new and improved driver assistance systems to further enhance safety on the road. Our most successful product, of which we have sold more than 3 million units, is our lane change assistant, which is based on 24-GHz radar sensors. It constantly monitors the area behind the car when passing or changing lanes, and warns the driver about vehicles approaching from the rear or in the next lane over. Another device that also uses 24-GHz radar sensors is our distance warning system, which alerts the driver when the car has less than the optimum following distance, but does not automatically intervene in the drive train.


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