Facts & Figures
Facts & Figures

Hella in Figures

With sales of around 5.8 billion Euros, HELLA is one of the world’s top 40 automotive suppliers and ranks among the 100 largest German industrial companies. We now generate 27% of sales in Asia and 19% in the Americas. Around the globe, HELLA has approximately 36,000 employees, almost 8,000 of whom work in R&D. Our robust development across the board puts us in an excellent position to keep generating positive figures well into the future.


Business Development

  FY 2019-2020 FY 2018-2019


Currency and portfolio-adjusted sales
(in € million)
5,800 6,770

-14 %

Reported sales (in € million) 5,829 6,990

-17 %

Adjusted EBIT (in € million) 233 572

-59 %

Adjusted EBIT margin (in percent) 4 8.4

-4.4 percentage points

R&D expenditure (in € million) 620 611

+2 %

Number of employees 36,311 38,845

-7 %






HELLA Group at a glance
HELLA Group at a Glance

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