Technology & Products / 16.09.2019
Technology & Products / 16.09.2019

HELLA Launches Two Innovative Lighting Products at Mining Indonesia 2019

  • LED warning light RokLUME S700 RED comes with VISIOTECH projection technology for clear identification of danger zones
  • Projection Module draws attention to danger with warning symbol

Indonesia, 16 September 2019. Global automotive supplier HELLA is showcasing its latest products at Mining Indonesia 2019, Asia’s largest international mining equipment exhibition. Among the innovative solutions are two new products for the mining industry – the RokLUME S700 RED and the LED Projection Module, both equipped with VISIOTECH projection technology.


Leveraging on its longstanding experience in the automotive segment, HELLA applies proven technologies to its products for the mining industry, providing operators with well-engineered, application-focused and customized solutions. The company offers a comprehensive performance portfolio that includes high-quality lighting products as well as sophisticated electrical and electronic system solutions. Its products also comply with relevant occupational health and safety regulations, fulfil real life maintenance as well as operational needs.


LED warning light RokLUME S700 RED with VISIOTECH projection technology


Safety plays a key role in various aspects of the mining industry, including the navigation of vehicles in the work area. Hazard and danger zones must be optically marked or demarcated to warn and protect the surrounding area in real time. Designed specifically for mining vehicles, the RokLUME S700 RED LED warning light features VISIOTECH projection technology to facilitate communication using light. It projects a wide red marking on the ground to visually highlight danger and hazard zones. Additionally, with a powerful light output, the warning light can be used on mining vehicles with high mounting positions.


Projection Module projects an exclamation mark onto the ground as a warning


The LED Projection Module from HELLA with VISIOTECH technology was designed to draw attention to any danger or optically delineate certain work areas. It projects an exclamation mark onto the ground to warn other drivers or passers-by, ensuring a safe and convenient work environment. If so required, other symbols can be developed and set up in collaboration with the vehicle manufacturer.


RokLUME 380 and RokLUME 280 for tough conditions in the Mining business


Worklights such as the RokLUME 380 and RokLUME 280 increase safety in everyday working life, especially in harsh environments. RokLUME 380 has a luminous efficiency of up to 7,800 lumens, while RokLUME 280 has a light output measured at up to 4,400 lumens. Both worklights come with two color temperatures to withstand varying weather conditions – 5,000 Kelvin to enhance color rendering at normal conditions, and 1,800 Kelvin for minimal back scatter in foggy, snowy and dusty conditions to increase vision comfort.


RokLUME 380 and RokLUME 280 meet the stringent requirements of IP 6K9K and IP 6K8, meaning no dust or water ingress can occur. The impact-resistant polycarbonate cover lens and the premium anti-corrosion aluminum housing ensure a long lifetime and maintenance-free lighting product. Additionally, they feature advanced NanoSafe nonstick and easy to clean surface coating. Thanks to Nord-Lock washers and laser engraved inclination angles on the bracket, the worklights can also be easily mounted. The LED worklights are available with different light distributions, including our industry first ZEROGLARE optic. The ZEROGLARE optical system specially aims light from the LEDs towards the ground in front of the vehicle, creating a very clear horizontal cut-off line. This means that drivers of oncoming vehicles will not be dazzled. As such, it offers increased visibility and safety, bringing onroad safety to the mining sector.


Modular Shapeline light series facilitates individual light signature


Apart from enhancing safety on the mining grounds, flexibility in design has also become increasingly important when it comes to lighting. The modular HELLA Shapeline series provide a wide selection of different lighting functions that can be put together in individual combinations to suit different mining vehicles. Thanks to its multi-voltage capability, the Shapeline series is suitable for 12V and 24V systems. The series is also available in two design versions: the classic straight-line "Tech Design" and the dynamic curved "Style Design". With our Shapeline online configurator, completely individualized lighting designs can be created and directly applied to a vehicle outline.


Experience HELLA's products at Mining Indonesia 2019 from 18 to 21 September, at Hall A3 Stand 3317 of Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia.


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