Newsletter 3


Euro 6 Standards has redefined the limit on nitrogen oxide emissions for an ever-greener world. The modern service exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) radiator from Behr HELLA Service meets the stringent Euro 6 standards by limiting nitrogen oxide emissions.

The EGR radiator is able to cool one part of the main gas stream between the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger. Once cooled, the gas stream is redirected to the intake air. The overall cooling effect lowers the combustion temperature in the engine, bringing about a reduction in the amount of nitrogen dioxide.

Made of stainless steel or aluminium, the EGR radiator is mounted near the engine. Both the hot exhaust gases and the coolant can flow into the radiator via several connections available. After the exhaust emissions have cooled down, they are removed from the radiator in metered amounts, via the air intake system, and returned to the combustion chamber. This leads to a reduction of nitrogen oxide output upstream of the catalytic converter. Pneumatic or electrical actuators on the EGR radiator will see to the metering or controlling of the exhaust gas recirculation rate from the radiator to the combustion chamber.