Newsletter 2

Intelligent Battery Sensor

Efficient Energy Management

The intelligent battery sensor plays a key role in the successful energy management of your vehicle. And the good news is HELLA can supply locally or regionally manufactured sensors to all countries, thanks to its extensive global production network.

The sensor measures the current, voltage and temperature directly at your vehicle battery.  An advanced battery algorithm then translates these input measurements into information that reflect the State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH) and State of function (SoF) of your battery.

This information is used to enable various energy management functions for the internal combustion engine and intelligent alternator control to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.It also helps to reduce the risk of a breakdown due to a weak battery.

The intelligent battery sensor is available in 12V for passenger cars and 24V for trucks. It is built as a cost-effective, compact design with maximum flexibility for different cable variants and integration solutions. The advanced battery algorithms are also able to support a wide range of different battery models, allowing for affordable installation in the vehicle.

Your Benefits:

  • Optimized battery health
  • Reduction in breakdown risks
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions
  • Affordable installation
  • Compatibility with a wide range of battery models