Technology & Products / 2021.03.18
Technology & Products / 2021.03.18

HELLA Launches Latest 48V DC/DC Converter in China

HELLA’s latest 48V DC/DC converter is specially designed for mild hybrid vehicles of higher performance classes

Shanghai, 18 March 2021. As a key technology for mild hybrid vehicles, 48V DC/DC converter enables vehicles with combust engine to be electrified and offers great potential for CO2 savings. Lighting and electronics expert HELLA has been devoted to the development and production of power electronics for more than 15 years and has commenced the series production of its latest 48V DC/DC converter at Shanghai Electronics plant in China in recent month.

"Against the background of ever tightening emission targets, we see an increasingly strong customer need for transformation towards electrification. HELLA’s 48V DC/DC converter is one of the most cost-effective solutions to support car manufacturers to achieve emission targets in short and medium term", said Michael Weitert, Vice President at the HELLA Technical Center in Shanghai. "With the launch of our latest 48V DC/DC converter, we are able to further enhance the adaption of our electronics product to customer requirements in the field of electrification and expand HELLA’s position as a supplier of high-performance key components in the Chinese market."

HELLA’s latest 48V DC/DC converter is specially designed for mild hybrid vehicles of higher performance classes. It enables a bi-directional energy transfer between 48V and 12V power systems. It has a scalable power class of up to 3.5kW and an optimized energy efficiency of up to 97%. Its high performance ensures the supply of fuel-efficient power loads, for example electrical power-steering actuators or windscreen heating. Also, it enables new applications such as recuperation (energy recovery during braking), enhanced start/stop and coasting (idle cruising). To meet customer specific functional safety goals, it brings the functional safety level up to ASIL-B with self-diagnosis functions which monitor temperature, voltage and current, short circuit and reverse polarity in real time. It also includes a pre-charge function with currents up to 20A. In addition, it can already meet the EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) requirements of most international and Chinese local car makers.

In the field of electrification, HELLA also offers a comprehensive product range from battery sensors for micro hybrids (start/stop automatic), power electronics for 48V mild hybrid vehicles to battery electronics for high-voltage applications in full hybrids and all-electric vehicles. Also, HELLA is advancing in the field of Low Voltage Li Ion battery system solutions and offers 12 and 48V battery packs in collaboration with cell manufacturers.
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