Technique & Produits / 23.10.2023
Technique & Produits / 23.10.2023

Hella, a high-performance equipment manufacturer

In recent years, the equipment manufacturer has implemented an internal strategy to strengthen and federate its national and international teams around 4 major objectives:

  • Develop HELLA's technological excellence and leadership in innovation.
  • Be a leader in attractive markets.
  • Maintain a stable and resilient business portfolio.
  • Achieve the Group's strategic objectives

From sharing technical knowledge, to sales promotions and communication campaigns, Hella France is committed to focusing on all aspects of its products' life cycles. In recent months, Hella France has rolled out successful sales promotion to its customers and brand awareness campaigns, particularly on social networks (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook).

A new communications strategy

  • This year, Hella is focusing on its communication strategy and surrounding itself with influencers.

Hella launched its new influencer strategy at the famous Nurburgring race, which covers a distance of just over 20km. To do this, Hella invited 9 customers to take laps around the track at speeds of over 280 km/h in a Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO equipped with Hella Pagid brake pads.  On the social networking side, 2 influencers @Thegloveddriver and @levendeurautomobile also took part in the event, helping to raise the brand's profile by highlighting Hella Pagid products in their video (link: 280KM/H in a FERRARI 488 GT3 EVO at the NÜRBURGRING! - YouTube ). Their videos have had over 700,000 views.


  • This autumn, starting in November, the equipment manufacturer will release a national communications campaign that will be active on social networks. The campaign aims to highlight :
  1. Hella France team
  2. Products
  3. Hella's technical expertise and know-how
  4. Present the independent aftermarket
  5. The popularization of certain recurring terms in the independent aftermarket
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