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HELLA Middle East FZE combines the benefits of a global infrastructure with expertise local knowledge. We deliver a comprehensive product range together with responsive service support. With a focus on wholesaler part distribution, access to OE quality parts and cutting-edge innovation and technology, we offer the reassurance of "Fit right first time“ compatibility and quality across a wide range of vehicles. The HMEA product portfolio offered to the GCC region includes nearly 3,500 high quality articles and more than 60,000 articles worldwide along with our ventures with HELLA PAGID BRAKE SYSTEMS (HPBS) and HELLA GUTMANN SOLUTIONS (HGS). HELLA is a key component supplier to the world’s leading automotive manufacturers offering extensive ranges of lighting, electrics, electronics, lubricants, brake parts for passenger and truck and workshop diagnostic equipment for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.


Facts & Figures


HELLA Middle East :
Product Range: LIGHTING: Standard and high performance bulbs, headlamps, interior lighting, rear lamps, rotating beacons, optical warning systems, spotlights, work lamps and side-marker lights
ELECTRICS: Actuators, acoustic signal devices, flasher units, horns and trumpets , pumps and accessories, relays, relay control units , switches and spark plugs
ELECTRONICS: Lambda sensors, temperature sender units, thermo switches and sensors.
UNIVERSAL PARTS: wiper blades, plugs, sockets, batteries and lubricants
Offroad Lighting: driving lamp, fog lamp ,LED Light Bar, HELLA Value Fit Light Bar Mining lights.
BRAKE PARTS: brake pads for passenger and truck, brake shoes, warning contacts, brake discs, brake fluid, master cylinders
WORKSHOP EQUIPMENT: Calibration tools, Diagnostic devices, Hella Academy.
Market Coverage United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, East & West Africa, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan




For any Inquiries:
HELLA & HELLA Pagid Brake System – salecsav@updcs.me@hella.com
HELLA Gutmann – Gutmaovoo@hobdnn.me@hella.com 



HELLA Middle East FZE and Hella Middle East LLC

Showroom No. S3B2SR01

Jebel Ali Freezone

PO Box 17002 | Dubai | UAE
Phone: +971 (0) 4899 6000
Fax : +971 (0) 4884 7309


Unity in Diversity

As Hella Middle East, we are proud to stand as a testament to the power of diversity. Each day, we witness firsthand the incredible value that arises from embracing differences, fostering inclusivity, and championing varied perspectives. Diversity, for us, is not a mere box to check off. It is the very core of our team culture and the heart of our collective strength and innovation.

A cornerstone of our diversity strategy is our commitment to gender balance. We're delighted to report that women make up almost 40% of our workforce. This is a testament to our ongoing efforts to create an empowering, inclusive space where women can thrive and contribute to our shared goals. However, we know that this is a milestone, not a destination. We will continue to push for greater gender balance, recognizing the importance of equitable representation at all levels of our organization.

Further painting our diversity picture is the richness of our cultural makeup. Our small team boasts members from an impressive 13 different nationalities, a fact that illuminates our global-minded approach. These varied national perspectives continually enrich our discussions, decision-making, and business strategies.

Languages are the bridges that connect our ideas and emotions, and in our company, you can hear the cadence of 16 different languages resonating through our corridors. This linguistic diversity not only enhances our internal communication but also strengthens our external interactions with an increasingly regional clientele.

Finally, our respect for diversity extends to the realm of personal beliefs. Our team comprises individuals who follow five different religions, further enriching our corporate culture. By encouraging the freedom to practice their faith, we foster an environment where everyone feels respected and valued.

In our company, diversity is not merely about representation; it's about creating a synergy where the sum is greater than its parts. It's about understanding and appreciating the richness that every individual brings to our collective table. We truly believe that our diversity is our strength and will continue to be a driving force behind our success.

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2024-03-15Fiscal year 2023: FORVIA HELLA increases sales and improves profitability more
2024-02-16FORVIA HELLA: Preliminary figures for 2023 and outlook for 2024 published, competitiveness program for Europe announced more
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