Medijsko središče
Medijsko središče
2017-09-20 Company

HELLA Further Expands Software Location in Berlin

  • Subsidiary company HELLA Aglaia moves into new Tempelhof headquarters
  • Number of employees anticipated to reach up to 500 over time
  • Trend to autonomous driving spurs further development

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2017-09-14 Technology & Products / Company

HELLA and BreezoMeter agree on strategic cooperation

  • Partnership cooperation for the development of a cloud-based air quality management system
  • New sensor from HELLA measures the level of particulate matter both inside and outside the vehicle
  • BreezoMeter enriches particulate matter data with cloud-based air quality data to offer an enhanced and connected air quality management system

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2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: The Digitalization of Light Can Be Experienced Live

  • HELLA brings Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) into the front light
  • A resolution of 30,000 pixels blazes a new trail in automotive light technology

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2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: Individual Vehicle Design with Car Body Lighting

  • New light components put the exterior of the vehicle in the right light
  • HELLA Presents Light Projections and Animated Signal Functions

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2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: HELLA Presents Radar and Camera Functions for Highly Automated Driving

Flexible and high-resolution radar sensors based on 77 GHz technology and camera software components

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2017-09-12 Technology & Products

IAA 2017: HELLA presents new functions of SHAKE sensor

  • SHAKE sensors detect parking damages and protect pedestrians
  • Technology now also allows touch interaction with the vehicle

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2017-09-11 Technology & Products / Company

HELLA and ebm-papst drive electrification

  • HELLA and ebm papst agree on strategic cooperation
  • Focus on developing innovative electric actuating solutions
  • Starting in 2019, the first joint project will be the production of an electric purge pump significantly reducing CO2 emissions

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2017-09-11 Technology & Products / Company

IAA 2017: HELLA Presents Solutions for Tomorrow's Mobility

  • Lighting and Electronics Expert HELLA benefiting from automotive market trends
  • "Experience Tomorrow": experience future technologies at HELLA's fair stand

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2017-08-30 Company

HELLA doubles its production capacity at its electronics plant in Shanghai

Plant serves growing demand for electronics solutions for the Chinese market

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2017-08-23 Technology & Products

Caravan Salon 2017: HELLA Presents Modular Lamp Series Shapeline and Intelligent Battery Sensors

  • Shapeline enables individual light design for small and large vehicle series
  • Intelligent battery sensors provide more safety on board of caravans and motorhomes

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2017-08-21 Technology & Products

Well-Illuminated Through Harvest Season With the Q90 compact LED Work Light

  • The Q90 compact LED is the all-rounder among LED work lights 
  • Optimal illumination thanks to multi-facet reflector provides for safe and efficient working also at night 
  • Special Thermo Pro plastic housing is corrosion-resistant and suitable for all types of weather conditions

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2017-08-18 Technology & Products

HELLA: Using High Standards of Automotive Industry for Agricultural Technology

  • Work lights and such convince through energy efficiency, safety and comfort
  • Customer-friendly modification options from halogen to LED
  • SMART CAB Future Cabin from joint development

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2017-08-02 Technology & Products / Company

HELLA Presents New Lighting Solutions for Police, Fire Brigade and Rescue at Florian Fair in Dresden

  • LED hand searchlight Modul 70 Generation 3 enables directional lighting during deployment
  • FWL-LED front warning light suitable for police and covert operations thanks to quick mounting to windshield

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2017-07-20 Podjetje

HELLA v letu 2016/2017 z občutno izboljšanim izidom nadaljuje po poti dobičkonosne rasti

  • Začasni ključni kazalniki uspešnosti za poslovno leto 2016/2017
  • Valutno in portfeljsko preračunana rast prodaje znaša 4,3 odstotka; poročana konsolidirana prodaja povečana za 3,7 odstotka na okrog 6,6 milijarde evrov
  • Preračunan izid pred davki in obrestmi izboljšan na okrog 534 milijonov evrov; preračunana stopnja EBIT znaša 8,1 odstotka

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2017-07-05 Technology & Products

RotaLED Compact: Robust LED Beacon Creates Strong Warning Effect

  • HELLA introduces new LED beacons for agricultural and construction machines as well as communal vehicles
  • RotaLED Compact is the lowest cost beacon in portfolio so far

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2017-06-30 Company

Capital Markets Day 2017: HELLA plans to continue on its profitable growth path

  • Strong positioning in the growth areas of autonomous driving, electrification, digitalization, and individualization
  • Prognosis for fiscal year 2017/2018: currency-adjusted sales growth and increase in adjusted EBIT of 5 to 10 percent

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2017-06-27 Company

HELLA launches 'HELLA Scholars' scholarship, employment and mentorship program high school graduates and currentuniversity students

  • Automotive supplier works to develop entry-level talent
  • Creates robust science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) opportunity for graduating high school students
  • Awards multiple $10,000 annual scholarships (renewable for up to $40,000 per student), plus job placement and college employment

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2017-06-23 Garages & Services

Behr Hella Service Further Expands Compressor Range For Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

  •  Electric compressors by specialist Sanden newly in program from July 2017
  • Behr Hella Service granted exclusive sales partnership for the Independent European Aftermarket

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2017-06-21 Company

HELLA reaches settlement with EU-Commission

Settlement will have no impact on HELLA’s forecasted financial performance

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2017-06-01 Technology & Products

HELLA expands product range for municipal vehicles and special vehicles

HELLA expands product range for municipal vehicles and special vehicles

  • Modular Shapeline lamp series now also available for municipal vehicles
  • New brochure with extensive product overview for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators

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2017-05-10 Company

HELLA successfully concludes its refinancing of the 2014/2017 bond

  • New bond of 300 million euro successfully placed
  • Order book over-subscribed more than 8 times
  • 1.0 per cent coupon, maturing in 2024

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2017-05-05 Company

Hella Pagid is Official Partner at the Third Audi Sport TT Cup

  • Audi Sport TT Cup launches third season
  • Up-and-coming driver Jack Manchester drives with Hella Pagid Logo
  • All Audi TT's equipped with PAGID RACING brake linings

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2017-05-02 Company

Change to the Management Board at Hella Pagid GmbH

  • Henning Schröder is taking on new tasks at the HELLA Group as he leaves the management board of Hella Pagid GmbH
  • New sales director Noël Caillat to start on September 1, 2017

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2017-04-20 Company

HELLA expands production capacities in China with new plant for lighting systems

  • Start of production planned for October 2017
  • Production focus on innovative LED headlamps for Chinese customers

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2017-04-18 Technology & Products

Module 50 LED Spot Provides More Storage Safety

  • HELLA lighting engineers develop new lens optics
  • Spot-shaped ground lighting alerts vehicles and pedestrians to approaching vehicles

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2017-04-12 Technology & Products

750 millionth position sensor with CIPOS® technology sold

  • Inductive position sensors by HELLA provide more safety while driving
  • Position sensors with CIPOS® technology are resistant against extreme temperatures, vibrations and other adversities
  • CIPOS® technology will also be a crucial component of electric mobility and autonomous driving in the future

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2017-04-11 Company

HELLA builds new electronics plant in Lithuania

Automotive supplier expands production capacities in Europe due to increasing demand for electronic components

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2017-04-06 Company

HELLA reports accelerated growth and a significant increase in earnings in the third quarter of fiscal year 2016/2017

  • Sales rise by a substantial 5.5% and earnings before interest and taxes by 18.4% over the third quarter
  • Consolidated sales over the nine-month period increase to € 4.8 billion: +3.5% after adjustment for currency and portfolio effects (reported +2.6%)
  • Adjusted EBIT over the first nine months grow significantly by 8.1% to € 373 million; the adjusted EBIT margin improves to 7.8%
  • Dr Jürgen Behrend retires as Managing General Partner on 30 September 2017 after the Annual General Meeting

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2017-04-03 Company

Dr. Werner Benade started as the new Managing Director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications on April 1, 2017

Dr. Werner Benade started as the new Managing Director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications on April 1, 2017

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2017-03-21 Garages & Services

Behr Hella Service provides workshops with technical support to ensure smooth and trouble-free air-conditioning checks

  • Compressor app, checklists and filling quantity handbooks updated and launch of new videos with technical instructions
  • Professional marketing materials draw customers' attention to air-conditioning checks

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2017-03-15 Company

HELLA receives award by Foundation for Family Businesses for societal importance

Automotive supplier ranks among Top 100 German family companies by revenue and employees

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2017-03-13 Company

HELLA as member of the CAB Concept Cluster (CCC), won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2017

Model cabin "Genius Cab" convinced jury with customer-neutral innovation platform

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2017-02-28 Company

New HELLA development centre for automotive lighting technology in Sindelfingen officially inaugurated

Focus on innovative lighting solutions

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2017-02-13 Company

HELLA Mining Under New Management

Steve Lomas bolsters the mining division at HELLA

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2017-01-16 Garages & Services

HELLA provides electronics know-how for independent workshops

  • HELLA transfers original equipment competencies to the independent aftermarket
  • Independent workshops benefit from electronic spare parts, diagnosis tools and technical service

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2017-01-13 Technology & Products

HELLA presents cooling valve actuator and auxiliary water circulation pump for optimized engine temperatures

The company shows innovations for vehicle energy efficiency at International Auto Show in Detroit

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2017-01-12 Company

HELLA increases sales and earnings in the first half year

  • Consolidated sales increase to EUR 3.2 billion: +2.4 percent after adjustment for currency and portfolio effects (reported +1.2 percent)
  • Adjusted earnings before interest and taxes (adjusted EBIT) grow by 4.9 percent to EUR 268 million
  • Adjusted EBIT margin improves by 0.3 percentage points to 8.4 percent
  • Full-year sales and earnings guidance confirmed
  • Dr Werner Benade appointed new managing director of the business division Aftermarket and Special Applications effective 1 April 2017

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2016-12-09 Company

New HELLA development centre to open in Sindelfingen

  • Inauguration scheduled for February 2017
  • The set-up of a development centre for innovative lighting solutions in Sindelfingen will strengthen HELLA’s presence in southern Germany

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2016-11-30 Company

Nobel Laureate Shuji Nakamura Visits HELLA Light Testing Facility

Pioneer of white LED light discusses current lighting solutions and research projects with HELLA experts.

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2016-11-16 Technology & Products

From the beginning of 2017: second generation intelligent battery sensors for caravans, recreational vehicle and marine applications.

State-of-the-art technology from the automotive industry for extra efficiency // Compact design for easy installation

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2016-11-09 Technology & Products

HELLA presents innovative lighting solutions at IMME 2016 Kolkata

HELLA presents innovative LED lighting solutions for Mining industry // The ZEROGLARE optical system ensures that light from oncoming traffic does not blind oncoming drivers, thus eliminating discomfort and preventing disability glare

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2016-10-24 Company

New HELLA CFO Bernard Schaeferbarthold starts on 1 November 2016

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2016-10-19 Technology & Products

HELLA and Covestro present new designs for vehicle lighting

Holographic technology revolutionizes rear lighting // Front lighting with seamless, uniform surfaces

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2016-10-18 Technology & Products

HELLA presents Shapeline at eima Fair in Italy

The new modular Shapeline lamp series enables manufacturers of agricultural vehicles to create individual light signatures in a quick and easy manner

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2016-10-12 Company

HELLA expands e-commerce activities in the aftermarket

  • Acquisition of iParts, the leading online shop of vehicle spare parts in Poland
  • Access to a powerful e-commerce platform
  • Accelerated expansion of proprietary online activities expected

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2016-09-28 Company

HELLA starts into new fiscal year with a rise in sales and profitability

  • Sales in the first three months of fiscal year 2016/2017 increase by 5.2 percent on a currency and portfolio adjusted basis
  • Adjusted EBIT margin improves from 6.8 percent to 7.6 percent
  •  Broad product portfolio contributes significantly to sales growth

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2016-09-21 Technology & Products

HELLA presents new lamps series for commercial vehicles

Configure individual light signatures with the click of a mouse

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2016-09-16 Garages & Services

Cleantech: New HELLA Wiper Blades

Aerodynamic wiper blades for all vehicle models // Vehicle-specific adapters make it easy to replace the blades

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2016-09-14 Technology & Products

Innovations on Bord

HELLA sends its Technology Truck out on tour

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2016-09-14 Garages & Services

Kompressor-Garantie | plus: Trainings zum Kompressor-Austausch absolvieren und Garantie sichern

Behr Hella Service bietet Schulungen zum Kompressor-Austausch // Programm wird auch 2017 fortgesetzt

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2016-08-30 Technology & Products

IAA Commercial Vehicles 2016: HELLA presents modular lighting solutions

  • Flexible modular lighting systems for buses, trucks and trailers
  • New Shapeline series plus new series of rear combination lamps for trailers

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2016-08-29 Technology & Products

Shining quality in a modular system

At the IAA 2016 trade show, HELLA is presenting solutions for trailers that provide even more safety

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2016-08-26 Technology & Products

Caravan Salon 2016: HELLA will be presenting front and rear lighting for mobile homes and caravans

  • Innovation: headlamps for mobile homes implemented with light guides and bi-LED modules
  • Rear combination lamps for mobile homes and caravans implemented with "glowing body" technology

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2016-08-23 Company

Dr. Jürgen Behrend intends to retire at the end of the current fiscal year

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2016-08-18 Technology & Products

HELLA produziert den zehnmillionsten 24 GHz-Radarsensor und setzt Erfolgsgeschichte fort

Produktionsstart der vierten Generation ab Mitte 2017

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2016-08-16 Garages & Services

‘All-round vision tool’

When it comes to calibration and high-precision adjustment of camera and radar sensors for monitoring vehicle surroundings, Hella Gutmann has the ideal solution: the CSC-Tool — an ‘all-round vision calibration tool’ which is perfectly suited for workshop application.

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2016-08-16 Technology & Products

PassThru with mega macs

A head start into the future: Hella Gutmann users already have the universal key to communicate with manufacturer portals.

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2016-08-16 Garages & Services

DOT to go

Two semi-automatic units for the quick change of synthetic brake fluids enhance the Hella Gutmann product range.

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2016-08-11 Podjetje

HELLA v poslovnem letu 2015/2016 občutno povečala prodajo

  • Dvig prodaje koncerna na okrog 6,4 milijarde evrov (+8,9 odstotka)
  • Preračunani EBIT povečan na okrog 476 milijonov evrov (+7,1 odstotka)
  • Preračunana stopnja EBIT v višini 7,5 % odstotka na ravni prejšnjega leta
  • Stabilna dividenda predlagana v višini 0,77 evra za delnico

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2016-08-09 Garages & Services

Hella Pagid to present brake innovations at the Automechanika trade show

Brake discs and brake calipers in focus

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2016-08-04 Technology & Products

Automechanika: Hella Gutmann Solutions erstmals in Halle 9.0

  • Vergrößerter Stand reflektiert Expansion der Produktpalette
  • Werkstatt-Lösungen für die Herausforderungen von morgen

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2016-08-02 Garages & Services

HELLA extends the warranty for starters and alternators

 Three-year warranty for remanufactured units and original spare parts

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2016-07-29 Technology & Products

Automechanika 2016: HELLA presents technology expertise in Aftermarket

Focus of the trade fair presence: New technologies, product lines and profes-sional workshop equipment

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2016-07-27 Technology & Products

Automechanika 2016: Behr Hella Service presents an expanded portfolio

New to the range: water pumps for commercial vehicles and other products relating to vehicle air conditioning for passenger cars

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2016-07-16 Garages & Services

PAO Oil 68 from Behr Hella Service: safe and powerful

Compressor oil has no negative effects whatsoever on the components of the air-conditioning circuit 

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2016-07-14 Company

HELLA Group revenues grow significantly in challenging market environment

  • Publication of preliminary figures for fiscal year 2015/2016
  • Sales grow by 8.9 per cent to circa EUR 6.35 billion
  • Adjusted operating profit (EBIT) increase to about EUR 476 millio

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2016-06-23 Company

HELLA PAGID is the new partner for the Audi Sport TT Cup

Audi Sport TT Cup begins its second season // HELLA PAGID sponsors Audi Sport TT Cup

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2016-06-16 Company

HELLA and radar technology expert InnoSenT intensify strategic collaboration

  • InnoSenT develops automotive radar products exclusively for HELLA
  • Launch of 77 GHz radar sensors planned for 2019

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2016-06-09 Technology & Products

HELLA expands radar-based driver assistance range

  • New 77 GHz radar sensors from HELLA and Radar System Chips from NXP offer varied and innovative options for integration
  • Probable launch date: Mid 2018

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2016-06-02 Company

HELLA sells activities in the Special Applications segment

  •  Hamburg-based traditional company Wünsche Group acquires business with innovative street and industrial lighting
  • Dutch technology company TKH Group intends to acquire the airport lighting business area

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2016-04-28 Technology & Products

HELLA and IMPLEO Solutions to present intelligent lighting control system at Airport Show Dubai

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2016-04-28 Company

HELLA plans new development center in southern Germany

  • Focus on automotive lighting technology, especially LED solutions
  • Opening planned for fall 2016 in the Stuttgart region

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2016-04-13 Podjetje

HELLA še naprej beleži močno rast prodaje

  • Prodaja koncerna se je v prvih devetih mesecih tega poslovnega leta povečala za dobrih 10 odstotkov na 4,7 mrd evrov
  • Dobiček iz poslovanja koncerna, preračunan za enkratne učinke, (preračunan EBIT) se je povečal za okrog 9 odstotkov na 345 mio evrov
  • Avtomobilski segment še naprej raste hitreje kot globalni avtomobilski trg

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2016-04-13 Company

HELLA continues strong sales growth

  •  Group revenue increased by a good 10 percent in the first nine months of the current fiscal year to 4.7 billion euros
  • Operating Group earnings adjusted for one-time effects (adjusted EBIT) increased by about 9 percent to 345 million euros
  • Automotive segment continued to grow faster than global automotive market

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2016-04-11 Technology & Products

HELLA innovations in Genius CAB concept cab

HELLA provides light and electronics solutions for futuristic CAB of CAB Concept Cluster // World premiere at the bauma 

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2016-03-30 Technology & Products

MULTIBEAM LED headlamps by HELLA – in a class of excellence of their own

Technologically and optically discerning headlamps with 84 light pixels show every situation in the best possible light // safety plus thanks to glare-free high beam // award-winning design combines form with function

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2016-03-17 Technology & Products

HELLA unveils innovative world premieres at bauma 2016

World premiere of the specially conceived Genius Cab // Innovative lighting solutions for the mining industry // Powerful electronics solutions 

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2016-03-08 Technology & Products

HELLA at the light + building exhibition: with a focus this time on client-specific LED lighting solutions

Highlights: a 5,000-lumen Eco module, the new street lighting family of Eco StateLine, the Highbay IL Up bay lights, intelligent lighting control systems for streets and industry

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2016-02-29 Garages & Services

New thermal management catalog for commercial vehicles and transporters starting in March

New addition: Around 100 water pumps for all common commercial vehicle brands 

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2016-02-16 Garages & Services

Hella Gutmann Solutions A/S opens a branch in Finland

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2016-02-10 Garages & Services

Regular air-conditioning check for more safety, better health and lower repair costs

Behr Hella Service thermal management campaign for 2016: Effective promotional measures and technical support for garages 

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2016-01-19 Technology & Products

Genius Cab nominated for bauma Award in the 'Design' category

The cabin, which was developed by the 'Concept Cab Cluster', has an impressive, human-centered design

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2016-01-13 Technology & Products

New Audi A4 With Lighting Solutions From HELLA

Full LED rear combination lamp with very homogeneous tail light and dynamic direction indicator//roof module, lighting control unit and small lights also from HELLA 

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2016-01-11 Podjetje

Močna rast prodaje v prvi polovici leta

  • Prodaja v koncernu se je v prvih šestih mesecih tega poslovnega leta občutno povečala za okrog 12 odstotkov na 3,2 mrd evrov
  • Dobiček iz poslovanja v koncernu (prer. EBIT), preračunan za enkratne učinke, se je povečal za okrog 13 odstotkov na 256 mio evrov
  • Napoved prodaje in dobička za to poslovno leto potrjena

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2016-01-11 Technology & Products

Strong sales growth in the first half year

  • Group revenue increased significantly about 12 percent in the first six months of the current fiscal year to 3.2 billion euros
  • Operating Group earnings (adj. EBIT) adjusted for one-time effects increase by about 13 percent to 256 million euros
  • Revenue and income forecast confirmed for current fiscal year

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2016-01-11 Company

Better Lighting and Greater Safety Out at Sea ‒ With HELLA of Course

The lighting specialist will be presenting innovative LED solutions at the world's largest water sports trade show // Highlights: Sea Hawk XLB LED deck floodlight, EuroLED 75 deck floodlight and Module 70 LED, generation IV  

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2016-01-08 Podjetje

Bernard Schäferbarthold imenovan za vodilnega finančnika v HELLI

Položaj bo prevzel najkasneje 1. januarja 2017

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2016-01-08 Company

Bernard Schäferbarthold appointed as new CFO of HELLA

Assuming office at the latest on January 1, 2017 

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2016-01-06 Technology & Products

The vehicle shows the way

Light carpet function illuminates vehicle side area 

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2015-12-21 Technology & Products

HELLA ZEROGLARE: Bringing Onroad Safety to Mining

HELLA presents innovative LED lighting solutions for Mining industry // The ZEROGLARE optical system ensures that light from oncoming traffic does not blind oncoming drivers, thus eliminating discomfort and preventing disability glare. 

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2015-12-18 Technology & Products

HELLA set to deliver an all-round sporty package for German premium customer

Exterior lighting for front and rear lamps perfected by HELLA accentuates the sporty look and creates a spectacular lighting signature 

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2015-12-11 Technology & Products

High-tech cab for OEMs serving the off-highway industry

The "Cab Concept Cluster" creates a customer-independent innovation platform, which cross-connects innovative solutions presented by reputable manufacturers. 

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2015-11-24 Company

HELLA continues to grow wholesale business through acquisitions

  • Wholesale organisation Nordic Forum systematically strengthened
  • Share in market-leading Danish wholesaler FTZ increased to 100 percent
  • Share in second largest wholesaler Inter-Team in Poland increased to 100 percent

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2015-11-19 Garages & Services

New in the Hella Pagid Portfolio: High-Carbon Brake Discs

Improved properties due to high carbon percentage in cast material // Black paint sets visual 

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2015-11-18 Podjetje

Izvršni direktor Helle Kitajska Jörg Buchheim zapušča upravni odbor HELLE

Odgovornost za kitajsko regijo bodo v celoti prevzela vodstva poslovnih divizij

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2015-11-18 Company

Managing Director China Jörg Buchheim to leave the Management Board of HELLA

Responsibility for the China region will be fully transferred to the divisional leadership 

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2015-11-11 Izdelki in storitve

Dolge luči brez bleščanja voznikom nudijo več odzivnega časa, ko je to zares pomembno

Študija Tehnične univerze v nemškem Gießnu potrjuje dodano vrednost svetlobnih sistemov dolgih luči brez bleščanja // Pametni sistemi LED žarometov izboljšujejo aktivno varnost // Odzivni čas daljši za 1,4 sekunde

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2015-11-10 Technology & Products

Glare-Free High-Beam Light Gives Drivers More Response Time When It Really Counts

A study conducted by the Technical University of Gießen confirms the added value provided by glare-free high-beam lighting systems // Intelligent LED headlamp systems improve active safety // 1.4 seconds of additional response time

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2015-11-09 Technology & Products

HELLA’s automotive lighting design for the agricultural sector

HELLA develops a tailor-made lighting system for DEUTZ-FAHR’s new Series 9 

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2015-11-08 Technology & Products


WARRIOR tractors light up in time to the music 

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  • O koncernu HELLA na kratko