Auxiliary Headlamps
Auxiliary Headlamps

Auxiliary headlamp by HELLA: That extra bit of light that makes all the difference.

HELLA auxiliary headlamps for commercial vehicles offer that extra something that makes all the difference: More light, so you can maintain an overview in every driving situation. This therefore increases the safety of every road-user. The indisputable HELLA quality and use of state-of-the-art technology are always included. Tried-and-tested standard solutions, powerful xenon technology or innovative LED technology: Whatever it may be, the HELLA headlamp series is specially tailored to the demands of the truck sector and continuously developed to offer the optimum solution for every situation. Light which you can rely on.


  • Innovative LED Light Bar 350 auxiliary headlamp

A genuine alternative to round auxiliary headlamps: Introducing the compact LED Light Bar 350 mm from HELLA -- the first LED high-beam headlamp in light bar format. Due to its low profile and minimal weight, this product is suitable for numerous applications involving surface mounting, including roof mounting on the cabs of trucks. The innovative plastic housing with a special ribbed structure is not just very strong, it also dissipates heat extremely efficiently. Twelve long-life, high-output LEDs provide for intense light output of the multi-volt light bar while only consuming 25 watts of power -- a truly energy-efficient design.
The convenient installation process also impresses as the Light Bar 350 mm is installed quickly in just a few easy steps.


  • Innovative LED Light Bar 350 auxiliary headlamp

The Luminator LED is the first member of the proven HELLA Luminator family to feature 100 % LED technology. In other words, you will never have to change a bulb again and, you have peace of mind due the high reliability. Specially developed high-boost reflectors and the integrated position lamp not only ensure optimum luminous efficiency but also a striking light design in every situation. Thanks to computer-optimized fine detail adjustments, the high-power LEDs guarantee homogeneous ideal illumination of the road. This means the driver benefits from more safety and less fatigue. Aside from all these advantages, the Luminator LED is one thing above all: A HELLA Luminator in every sense – a sturdy and reliable quality product, and the result of high-grade workmanship.

Luminator LED, ref. 40

Luminator LED, ref. 50

  • Luminator LED, trucks

It goes without saying that a bona fide professional auxiliary headlamp for trucks must combine many characteristics: Optimum luminous efficacy, maximum reliability and ideally also a striking design. The good news: The HELLA Rallye 3003 has all these characteristics. The ultra-light, corrosion-free sturdy plastic housing is bristling with technology – high-boost reflectors, computer-optimized fine tuning of light sources and free form technology ensure optimum visibility in every situation. The integrated CELIS position light is a genuine highlight. This large annular position light based on an LED light conductor technology generates a particularly striking and distinctive night-time design. When mounted on the roof of the vehicle, it can be seen from very long distances. A real benefit in terms of safety – and also visually.

  • Rallye 3003 Celis, trucks

Formidable lighting performance with optimum street illumination, a sturdy design and striking night design: The HELLA Rallye 3003 with LED position light squares the circle and is a real asset to any trucker. This auxiliary headlamp features tried-and-tested halogen technology and ensures, with computer-optimized high-boost reflectors, uniform and ideal illumination of the road – which in turn improves visibility and enhances safety. The LED position light with 6 high-power LEDs is an ideal addition and not only increases your visibility to other road-users, but also sets visual accents. A genuine HELLA product!

  • Rallye 3003 with LED position light, trucks

The HELLA Jumbo 320: A large headlamp for large vehicles. This auxiliary headlamp with LED position light not only looks the business; it also lives up to its appearance in terms of technical specification and material properties. The housings are made of hard-wearing synthetic material. High-boost reflectors developed especially for the rectangular form and xenon technology deliver maximum luminous efficiency. The additional LED position light with 6 high-power LEDs significantly improves the visibility of the vehicle, thus providing additional safety benefits and, it also looks good.

  • Jumbo 320 LED with position light, trucks
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The LED Light Bar 470 Single Twin - for central mounting on the vehicle

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