Thermal management
Thermal management

Engine cooling and vehicle air conditioning with products by BEHR HELLA SERVICE

The joint venture of the companies Behr and HELLA combines many decades of OE product know-how in the field of vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling with worldwide sales organization. The impressive market coverage with more than 6,000 quality products in more than 20 product groups is particularly strong evidence of this. Wholesalers and garages benefit from continuous support, from high parts availability and convincing logistics through to provision of technical information and training courses as well as sales support.


  • Truck engine cooling

In modern truck engine compartments, the available space in recent years has been steadily decreasing and accordingly, the demands on the engine cooling system have never been greater. The demands are obvious: Shorter warm-up phases, rapid heating of interior and low fuel consumption must be guaranteed with a longer design life of all components.
The comprehensive product range of Behr Hella Service which contains more than 60,700 applications for commercial vehicles perfectly satisfies these requirements and comprises:

  • Coolant radiator,
  • Expansion tank,
  • Visco® fan,
  • Condenser/radiator fan
  • Intercooler
  • Oil cooler
  • Cabin heat exchangers and
  • Electrical auxiliary heater

In short - we offer everything you need to maximize the efficiency of the cooling circuit.

The cooling circuit in trucks
The heat produced by the combustion of the engine is absorbed by a coolant consisting of water, antifreeze and additives and is transferred to the external air via the radiator. The components of this cooling circuit are connected by hose lines and constitute a self-contained system in which the radiator assumes the central role, as the coolant is cooled back down here via the ambient air. The all-aluminum radiator which is available from Behr Hella Service and is characterized by lower weight and reduced overall depth and is also 100% recyclable, represents state-of-the-art technology. The coolant flow which is driven by a pump is controlled with reference to temperature using a thermostat. With powerful engines such as those used in trucks, the radiator may also require assistance from special fans, e.g. our Visco® fan, when cooling the engine.
If the cooling circuit is perfectly harmonized, this can have a positive impact on fuel consumption, emissions, driving comfort and driving safety.

  • Truck engine cooling

When it comes to vehicle air conditioning, comfort is the primary concern. The expectations for modern air-conditioning systems are therefore high: Not only individual climate comfort at each seat in the vehicle and draft-free, pleasant ventilation with high-quality air are required; acoustic comfort with minimal noise development and ease of use are also a necessity.
Not a problem for Behr Hella Service - Each of the over 26,500 high-quality vehicle applications for commercial vehicles is optimally coordinated with this comfort demand. We cover the following product groups:

  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Filter
  • Dryer
  • Expansion valves, throttle valves
  • Evaporator
  • Switches
  • Blower fans
  • Oils

The air conditioning circuit in trucks
The air-conditioning circuit of a truck is a self-contained circuit connected by hoses and/or aluminum lines in which refrigerant and refrigerant oil circulates. In this system, a distinction is made between the high pressure side which lies between the compressor and expansion valve (yellow/red) and the low pressure side which lies between the expansion valve and compressor (blue). The compressor heats the gaseous refrigerant to a very high temperature by means of compression then presses it under high pressure through the condenser. The heat is removed from the refrigerant in the compressor which leads to condensation and therefore a change from the gaseous to liquid state. The liquid refrigerant flows to the filter dryer as the next step. This removes contaminants, entrapped air and also humidity from the refrigerant. This ensures the effectiveness of the system while protecting the components from becoming damaged due to contamination.
Vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling are two separate systems that mutually affect each other. This is because when the air conditioning system is in operation this also places demands on the engine cooling system. The result: A higher refrigerant temperature. The refrigerant should therefore also be checked each time the air-conditioning system is serviced.

  • Commercial vehicle air-conditioning system
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