Single-function lamp
Single-function lamp

HELLA single-function lamps: One function. Many benefits.

Single-function lamps are an important component of vehicle lighting, especially in the CV sector. They make a significant contribution to safety, by improving vehicle visibility for example, or significantly increase user comfort, as is the case with interior lights.
HELLA also offers a wide assortment of single-function lamps perfectly tailored to the requirements of users, including side marker and clearance lamps, interior lights and license plate lights. You can find an overview of all products in our universal parts catalog.


  • The LED side marker lights by HELLA offer efficient LED technology and precision optics.

Marker lamps for trucks and trailers make a significant contribution to traffic safety. After all, the entire vehicle can only be rendered clearly visible in the dark and in poor lighting conditions by using side marker lights, position lamps and clearance lamps. HELLA marker lamps offer durability, high luminance and fast, straightforward installation.

Product example: LED side marker, position and clearance light.
By combining efficient LED technology with precision optics, HELLA LED marker lights achieve the legally prescribed light distribution with 80 % less power consumption than filament bulb lamps and therefore make an energy-saving contribution to improving safety. Variants for horizontal and vertical assembly are available in addition to 12 V and 24 V designs.

  • The LED side marker lights by HELLA offer efficient LED technology and precision optics.

When you think of vehicle lighting, it's not always the interior lights that immediately spring to mind. But they should not be overlooked as they increase comfort and also improve visibility. Maps and other documents can often be much more easily read with suitable interior lights, for example.
The HELLA product range encompasses a large number of different interior lights and offers the right product for every situation.
Lamps are therefore not only available for permanent recessed or surface mounting; a large number of interior lights which can be operated via the cigarette lighter are also available and, depending on the application, come with swan necks in various lengths.
We also offer a large selection of light sources that extend from halogen to LED technologies. But don't just take our word for it; take a look at our universal parts catalog.

  • LED interior lighting, trucks

The purpose of license plate lights is also to ensure the license plate remains legible when visibility is poor, at night for example, and they are a statutory requirement.
As well as being easily visible, it is important that the license plate light does not disturb the road users behind, i.e. it must be glare-free.
HELLA license plate lights satisfy all statutory requirements and ensure optimum visibility.

Product example: LED license plate light
The extremely flat LED license plate light by HELLA has a powerful luminous efficiency thanks to 4 power LEDs and precision optics, yet also has an extremely low energy consumption. The license plate light is available as a recess-mounted variant which is installed above the license plate lamp or as a surface-mounted variant which is installed at the side of the plate. With the surface-mounted variant, only one light per license plate is required thanks to the optimum luminous efficiency; two lamps are required with the recess-mounted variant. The surface-mounted variant is especially well suited to trailer applications.
The IP 6K9K protection class ensures the light is highly dustproof and waterproof. The tried-and-tested HELLA license plate light with bulb can be easily replaced by the LED recess-mounted variant, which means that an energy-efficient upgrade can be quickly carried out.

  • LED license plate light, trucks
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