Electrical and electronic products from HELLA: Small parts, big effect

Efficient energy management or driving safety - whatever the case you should acquaint yourself with HELLA, your expert partner on all aspects of electrical and electronic solutions for commercial vehicles!


  • Helix connecting cables

Helical connection cables establish the electrical, lighting and brake connections between trucks and trailers when driving involves trailers and semitrailers and they are therefore safety-relevant parts. Quality, robustness and longevity are thus important prerequisites as regards such products. When you opt for HELLA helical connection cables, you put your trust in the OE quality that is chosen by many commercial vehicle manufacturers. They have a maximum working length of four meters and are therefore suitable for most applications. The connectors of the ABS, EBS and 15-pole helical connection cables are ADR/GGVSE-compliant. They are also equipped with protective rubber sleeves. And these cables are optionally available with Hytrel or polyurethane sheathing.

  • Helix connecting cables

Whether it's plug connectors, fuses, crimps or other installation material - the comprehensive HELLA portfolio for electrical vehicle installations meets almost every conceivable requirement.

Reliable plug connectors are especially important in commercial vehicle applications. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the latest processing techniques, HELLA plug connectors work at all times and withstand even the toughest conditions. The extremely robust 2 to 12-pole DEUTSCH plug-in systems in the "DT series" with various connections are particularly suitable for use in trucks.

Quality is also important when it comes to choosing fuses as they play a critical role in ensuring that the vehicle's electrical system operates safely. With some 1,100 products on offer, HELLA maintains one of the most expansive lines of fuses and installation material, including a large number of robust strip and leaf fuses as are frequently used in truck applications. A complete overview of our product range of plug connections and fuses is provided in our Vehicle Installation brochure.  In addition, the brochure covers our comprehensive list of installation materials and also the high-quality HELLA crimping and release tools, including our heavy-duty tool system specifically developed for commercial vehicles. A detailed, step-by-step guide on how to crimp correctly using this tool system is provided in our "ABS/EBS Connections" brochure.

  • Electrical vehicle installation for professionals by HELLA

Sensors and switches, such as oil pressure switches or temperature switches for example, are indispensable for many vehicle functions, although their operation is not normally visible. If they become defective, this can often have unpleasant consequences and can even lead to a complete breakdown of the vehicle.
A good reason to rely on the supreme quality of HELLA products, particularly when it comes to trucks. We have a wide product range which caters for the vehicles of all standard manufacturers, such as DAF, IVECO, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania and Volvo for example. This range is being continuously extended and adapted to suit the latest market developments.

One example of an innovative HELLA product is our Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS). This continuously measures the charge state and aging of the battery and it also monitors changes, thus allowing the energy supply to be planned and failures prevented in good time.

  • Sensors for trucks

The EasyConn wiring system comprises front and rear adapters, mains supply cables, SMLR chains and auxiliary adapters. The EasyConn system is particularly cost-effective and flexible. This means that a junction box for the wiring is no longer indispensable but it can also be installed at any time, e.g. to cater for special functions. Furthermore, cable cross-sections allow the attachment of additional work lights over and above the standard system, for example. The system is also approved for vehicles in accordance with GGVS/ADR. Integration of customer-specific lamps is no problem with EasyConn - we offer special 2, 7 and 15-pole service sets with the result that you can attach all components easily and in a process-reliable way.

  • Connections for trucks

High market coverage - easy identification.

With a 3-year guarantee!

With its "Core-Free New Parts" product range, HELLA stands for tested quality, easy handling and low prices. 

Quality. All starters and alternators satisfy the high quality requirements of the HELLA Center of Excellence - guaranteed by the extended warranty obligation. 

Easy handling. Used parts no longer need to be returned thanks to the deposit system being waivered. The processing of the guarantee is handled simply by the relevant workshop or by the dealer who sold the product. 

Price. The core-free new parts are a cost-effective choice for price-conscious users - without sacrificing quality, of course!

The product range for trucks includes around 120 article numbers and it has a market coverage of approximately 70%. All core-free new parts are easy to identify thanks to the clear TecDoc marking and the packaging.

Further details can be found in the Hella Tech World.

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Always well prepared.

Good visibility in every single situation is the basic requirement for safe driving. So when you're on the road, HELLA kits provide for you not only a selection of the most commonly used bulbs but also signal, direction indicator and marker ones together with a choice of fuses.


Find out more about the HELLA bulb range for 24 volts in the Truck brochure.

And the HELLA bulb configuration tool will help you choose the right bulb.

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