Work lights
Work lights

HELLA work lights – more power for long nights

Anyone who frequently works in the dark particularly appreciates high-quality light. After all, only powerful lighting can ensure that the workload will also be efficiently completed in conditions where visibility is poor. In addition, the safety aspect also plays an important part.
To cater for these requirements, HELLA offers a comprehensive and carefully coordinated range of work lights, reversing lights, beacons and side marker and clearance lights. This means you can concentrate on what really matters: Your work. Also in the dark.


HELLA work lights are particularly well thought out and intelligently designed: Sturdy yet lightweight housings, durable, flexible holders, and reflectors and cover lenses specifically developed for their applications all result in high long-term productivity.


HELLA reversing lights increase productivity: Sturdy housing quality and a beam pattern specifically adapted to the reversing situation make work easier and reduce stress during maneuvering.


Side and clearance lights significantly increase your visibility to other road users – especially when large vehicles are involved – and therefore enhance safety.  The HELLA range is perfectly harmonized with the rest of the vehicle lighting and therefore offers the right solution for every vehicle type.

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