The making of…the K-LED Blizzard clip

Making of…K-LED Blizzard Clip!


Icy perfection: That most definitely sums up the HELLA K-LED Blizzard, successor to the K-LED FO. Inspired by the design of its predecessor, the K-LED Blizzard shines and sparkles because of its state-of-the-art LED technology and its other numerous highlights: a robust construction boasting an impact-resistant dome, a flexible pipe socket and its extremely low installation height. And a particular advantage here: the beacons of the K-LED FO series can be exchanged 1:1 for the K-LED Blizzard series.

Photography so cool, it's ice cold
And that again sums up perfectly our photo shoot with the K-LED Blizzard. Because we simply felt that such a cool beacon deserved ultra cool pictures.

In order to do that, the K-LED Blizzard first had to be "chilled in the fridge", i.e. frozen solid for 24 hours, before the renowned ice designer Horst Birekoven, with his skilful hammering, grinding and melting, could begin to turn the resulting block of ice into a miniature work of art.
And then everyone had to dress up warmly because the photographer, the film team and the lighting designers were all heading for the refrigeration room. Against a backcloth of -12 degrees, the most amazing light paintings were created - and just as amazing photos shot, which captured exactly the character of the powerful and robust K-LED Blizzard.

But take a look for yourselves because, as everyone knows, a picture is worth a thousand words:

By the way, for this project the K-LED-Blizzard was kept in a constant frozen state for a total of two weeks – and was still completely functional and ready for action after all that!

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