SUVs and off-roaders for extreme terrain

SUVs and off-roaders for extreme terrain


If you really want to drive over extremely rough terrain, you need more than just a trendy SUV that can just about bounce over country lanes and cart tracks. In our picture gallery we show you the really mean machines so you can do just that.

The SUV market is booming. Because of their appearance and their dimensions, sports utility vehicles are often thought of as and indeed called "off-roaders" - something that real off-road fans consider to be a huge joke. Certain equipment and certain features are absolutely essential for these aficionados and no SUV can deliver on such requirements. For example, ground clearance, axle articulation and reduction gears. The wading depth, which governs the possibility of driving through water, and also the ramp and slope angles are all criteria that are decisive for off-road enthusiasts. It is often the case that even what the off-road vehicle manufacturers offer does not go far enough to satisfy the adventurous thirst of the real enthusiasts. That's why retrofits on the off-roader scene are so popular: the more military-style, the better. And frequently such conversions are not permitted on the highway. Owners of these vehicles then use them to explore quarries and to pit their skills on off-road courses. There are virtually no limits to the possibilities. In the picture slider above, you can find some particularly successful conversions!

The conversions
Read here which original models of the off-roaders shown in the gallery were the inspiration for the conversions - and what was made of them:

Jeep Wrangler
The dream of all Jeep tuners: the Wrangler, converted by the Americans themselves, has more than 700 hp. Thanks to its enormous tyres it literally flies through the landscape.

Land Rover Defender 110 Station

In true James Bond style: the replica of the car featured in the film "Spectre" by Graham Coster today boasts a very belligerent look. Previously it had been a Land Rover Defender 110 Station ready for the scrapyard.

Lada Niva

Off-road - Made in Russia: the Lada Niva has been rolling off the production line for 40 years - although not necessarily in the shape and form as conjured up by the owner of this model. Would it be allowed on the streets? No way!

Mitsubishi Pajero

Long live sport: the Mitsubishi Pajero was optimally prepared by its owner for the "German Off-Road Masters" (GORM). This rally series has the support of HELLA.

Jeep Wrangler - The Second

Traction, even when it gets rough: the Jeep Wrangler from J&D Off-Road cannot be stopped even by deep mud thanks to the matching 42-inch wheels. The winch in front is intended more for others!

Ford Ranger

For expeditions: this converted and raised Ford Ranger comes as a demountable camper. Admittedly, it's nothing for off-road terrain but is ideal for a trip infused with a feeling of adventure.

Land Rover Defender - The Second

High-tech replica: it looks like an old "Landy", but is, in fact, a retro-look Defender of the latest generation - with state-of-the-art technology such as the HELLA Luminator auxiliary headlamps.

Jeep Wrangler - The Third

Steep and uphill all the way: even the basic Wrangler is good on rough ground. But this conversion by the Klingenberg brothers is in a class of its own. It effortlessly overcomes steep ramps thanks to the long-arm chassis.

And again the Land Rover Defender

And yet another Land Rover conversion: the technology is doing everything right here but it is the driver who has sunk a raid rally car into a waterhole - despite the monster tyres.

Ford F250 Pickup

Way up high: this Ford F250 pickup has had its chassis and lighting optimised. The power of the 250 hp diesel engine and the generous torque of 684 Nm remained intact.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

A real exotic number: the Toyota FJ Cruiser was never available in Germany. It was imported from the USA, a fact which did not prevent the new owner from souping up the technical side of the vehicle.