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On the road

Experience HELLA "on the road". We look forward to working with you.

The best way to experience our products for trucks is by seeing them in action in the field – find out here what real professionals appreciate about us.


  • HELLA auxiliary headlamps in action

Tony Sjögren is a dedicated trucker and often spends the long Scandinavian nights on the road. There aren't many things he hasn't experienced: From driving through snow drifts meters high to mud floods in the spring – Tony is familiar with the risks and adventures of a trucker's life through his own years of experience. In the process, he can fully rely on his auxiliary headlamps from HELLA. The additional light output makes his job easier. He also appreciates the opportunity he has to realize his own personal idea of a truck and therefore make it unmistakable.

His statement: "My colleagues see my headlights from afar and know its me.  Seeing is just as important as being seen. The right auxiliary headlamp by HELLA are a great help in this regard."

  • Professional opinion from Tony Sjögren

Detlef Tillmann is the managing director of Kreuzburg GmbH in Germany. The company specializes in towing and rescue work and has decided in favor of auxiliary headlamps and daytime running lights from HELLA. The main reasons for this are the safety factor, the innovative technology used and, last but not least, the undeniable quality.

Detlef Tillmann explains: "Our work is a race against the clock under extremely difficult conditions. We have to be able to rely on our lights. Wherever we go at all times." This is no problem with the HELLA spotlights.

  • Professional opinion from Detlef Tillmann

A strong anniversary! HELLA attended the 30th International ADAC Truck Grand Prix at Nürburgring to present another array of highlights. This is the most important annual truck-motorsports event in the trucking scene, and is also an industrial trade fair and country festival. What's more, it is the perfect place to meet and talk to truckers and workshops. This is exactly what HELLA did! High-performance auxiliary spotlights such as the new LED Light Bar 350 mm, the Luminator Compact LED, the Luminator X LED and the even more powerful Luminator LED with ref. 50 were presented at the HELLA fair booth centrally located in the driver's paddock. The LED Light Bar, designed in a flat light bar configuration, surprised visitors with its low installation height and low weight. The new Q90 LED work light was also noticed, and the modular "EasyConn NextGeneration" trailer rear combination lamp was an attention magnet once again. Visitors could examine the individual parts of the rear combination lamp as well as remove and connect them. and in so doing practically test the easy process of replacing the bulb reflector and LED module.

  • The HELLA highlights at the Truck-Grand-Prix
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