Multi-function lights
Multi-function light

HELLA multi-function lights: Genuinely versatile.

As the name suggests, multi-function lamps feature a combination of several light functions, such as the tail, stop, direction indicator, rear fog and back-up light.
The combination options available are varied and diverse and include lamps with two functions through to lamps with three or more functions as well as hybrid technology.
HELLA offers a selection of multi-function lights specifically designed to meet truck requirements.

  • Truck rear light

The KRONE hybrid or full-LED rear light includes all 5 light functions (tail, brake, turn signal, rear fog and reversing light with reflector), with or without clearance light.

Tail and brake lights are always in LED, all other functions are available in LED or incandescent for easy conversion to LED technology. In addition, the rear light includes a patented interchangeable lens, which can be changed independently of the bulb.

Due to the KRONE-symbol the tail light is an optical eye-catcher.
But also through the other features, such as the reverse polarity protection and the turn signal failure control, the tail light is a real highlight.

  • Krone

With the new "COLUNA" full LED rear combination lamp, HELLA once again demonstrates that it has earned its reputation as a leading innovator. All 5 light functions (tail light, stop light, direction indicator, rear fog light and also the back-up light) in the lamp have been equipped with LED technology. In addition, the tail light, in combination with the reflector, is generated by means of a ground-breaking flat LED light guide, and has been registered as a patent. The homogenous illumination of the tail light function, with an area of 145 cm², is particularly extensive.
The additional features, such as overvoltage and polarity reversal protection and also high vibration resistance and compliance with the protection class IP 6K9K (dustproof and waterproof), make the "COLUNA" a genuine HELLA highlight.

  • Truck rear light

Boasting numerous innovations, the HELLA full LED multi-function light is specifically designed for DAF trucks. With this rear combination lamp, which implements all lighting functions in LED technology for heavy-duty requirements, the outer lens is no longer bonded to the housing for the first time. The benefit of this design is that should a defect occur, the entire light no longer has to be replaced, but only the lens assembly, which can be purchased from an aftermarket supplier and easily installed. This saves a considerable amount of money. Another highlight is the dynamic indicator. With this indicator, the flasher function is implemented by a running light function instead of a surface area indicator. Together with the state-of-the-art, DAF-specific "glowing body" look and the fully metallized reflector, the light offers an appealing day and night design as well as unmistakable styling.
The light is also available with an integrated license plate light and backup alarm.

  • The new DAF full LED rear combination lamp with "glowing body" technology by HELLA

LED technology nowadays is an essential part of modern vehicle lighting systems. And justifiably so, as the benefits are obvious: the lamps equipped with them are maintenance-free and have a very high service life that frequently lasts longer than the vehicle. Furthermore excellent energy efficiency thanks to low power consumption as well as design freedom when designing the lamps come on top of that.

Enough reasons for HELLA and MAN to also apply this innovative technology in the newly developed full LED rear combination lamp. A particular highlight with this is the implementation of tail light and clearance light in "glowing-body" technology. A modular design that does not only upgrade visually, but also permits the easy replacement of the lens in the event of damage.

  • The new MAN full LED rear combination lamp with "glowing body" technology from HELLA

The 24-V multi-function lamp by HELLA in filament bulb and LED hybrid technology is highly future-proof. All light functions are equipped with built-in 24 V filament bulbs as standard. However, the permanent lighting functions tail light, license plate light and side marker light can be quickly and easily converted to LED (conversion kit 9DW 194 222-801). This, in turn, provides for a cost-efficient application.
The outer lens of the hybrid lamp has a curved form which provides optimum leak-tightness and ample illumination area for the clearance lamp. The horizontal reflex reflector and the clearly structured lighting functions also give rise to a homogeneous appearance.
A large number of different versions, also incorporating an integrated backup alarm for example, provides optimum flexibility and caters for virtually all requirements in the truck sector.

  • Hybrid combination rear light, trucks

The modular 24V trailer lamp by HELLA incorporates hybrid technology and is extremely versatile. Owing to the modular system and associated modularity of light sources and housing parts, the trailer lamp can be adapted flexibly to the requirements in each case.
While the design of the tail lamp and stop lamp is essentially based on LED modules, all other functions can be implemented in LED or classic filament bulb technology. The combination options available are almost limitless.
A changeover from filament bulb to highly energy-efficient LED technology is possible retrospectively at any time with no special tools required which offers plenty of scope for future conversions – the same applies for the replaceable lens which can be changed independently of the light source.
A further highlight is the junction box function with additional outputs on the rear of the housing. This means that further auxiliary or light functions, such as a side marker light or clearance light, can be easily connected.

  • Combination rear light, trucks
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