Interview with Andre Howe, winner of the HELLA pimps your Truck campaign

Interview with Andre Howe, winner of the HELLA pimps your Truck campaign


"HELLA pimps your Truck": The name was key in this campaign. Andre Howe was the lucky winner of a new, all-singing all-dancing lighting equipment upgrade for "his" logging truck (you can read about which HELLA products are shining the truck in a new light in our Upgrade Story).

A few days after the upgrade, we had the opportunity to meet the proud truck driver for a brief interview – and to find out how he is enjoying his "pimped up" working machine.

Hello Andre, first of all congratulations again on winning our upgrade. How did you come across our campaign, and what motivated you to take part?

I regularly visit the HELLA Internet websites and keep myself up-to-date there. I "liked" the HELLA DEUTSCHLAND Facebook page quite a while ago – and that is where I came across the post for the campaign. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to take part then and there.

Tell us a little about your background. How long have you been involved in trucks? Would you consider yourself to be a true "truck fan"?


I have been involved with trucks for a long time – over ten years. I have been driving trucks since I was 21. I will soon be 33 … so you can work out how long I have been involved with these powerful vehicles. You could definitely say that I am a trucker through and through – my passion goes well beyond a professional interest.

Did you ever use any HELLA products before this campaign?


No, I have to admit that I had never used any HELLA products before. But having said that, I have had a certain family link with HELLA for some time – my cousins both work for HELLA and live in Lippstadt!

And, hand on heart, what is it like working with the "pimped up" truck? What is different than before?


It's great! You can see how much better the light is, and that it is much brighter than before. The light is much whiter and really does turn night into day.

Do other people show an interest in your truck? What are the other truck drivers interested in?


Yes, definitely – we logging truckers are a close-knit community, and word of the campaign spread very quickly. The guys all wanted to make a comparison between "my" new lights and those of other manufacturers, and all came to the same conclusion as I did: the light is much clearer and brighter than the "cheap products", and you are much less likely to be blinded by it, if at all.

In terms of lighting, what is most important for you? Is it the design, or more the functionality and safety?


For me, the functionality is by far the most important, because good lighting is incredibly important for my work. Especially during night work in the forest, it should be as bright as day, so that you can see everything well – and this is also important for safety. Having said that, the design also has a part to play, not least because the lumpish lights are always catching on something. And, as the saying goes, "form follows function".

Andre, many thanks for taking the time to talk to us – and we wish you continued fun and success working with your "pimped up" truck.