Horns & Trumpet horns
Horns & Trumpet horns

HELLA horns


Horns are an essential accessory part which are required by law, and are also an important safety feature. A wide range of designs and signal effects are available, depending on the intended use and requirement profile.  A particularly penetrating and attention-grabbing sound is required for truck horns in order to give other road-users a highly effective warning in hazardous situations.
HELLA offers a broad spectrum of horns, every one of which has a different sound.
Our brochure provides a comprehensive overview of the entire product range. Our microsite allows you to conveniently view suitable horns for your vehicle and, as a special feature, also hear realistically what they sound like. Stay on the safe side – with a HELLA horn!

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HELLA microsite for horns & trumpet horns – Information and interaction.

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