HELLA pimps your Truck – Putting a new shine on forestry work!

HELLA pimps your Truck – Putting a new shine on forestry work!


For Andre Howe, one of the main winners of the "HELLA pimps your Truck" campaign, taking part was definitely worth his while – because, as the main prize winner, he was able to look forward to having new lighting equipment fitted on his "working partner", an all-singing logging truck loading crane.
You will be able to see here which HELLA products the truck was equipped with during "Operation Upgrade", and how these ensure that Andre will be able to illuminate his working environment in the forest with daylight-bright light in the future!


The requirements on the new HELLA lighting were first defined in a detailed preliminary discussion – because as you well know, each application area has its own challenges. This is especially true for "night shifts" in the forestry industry.
The following main requirements emerged:

  • A significantly broader illumination of the area, especially because the crane covers a large 360° working area
  • Better long-range illumination to optimise long-range visibility in the field, thus supporting the "all-terrain mobility" of the vehicle
  • Improved safety through significantly better visibility, achieved by brighter illumination of the entire work area


No sooner said than done. Once the performance specification had been drafted, it was time to set the upgrade into action. The first challenge: the search for a suitable garage, because a large logging truck with crane takes up a great deal of space. This upgrade was not carried out in the forest, but in the workshop facilities of Hermann Siekmann GmbH & Co. KG in Brilon in the Sauerland region of Germany. The facilities of the MAN and Scania truck specialist provided the ideal conditions for professional mounting.


Firstly, the truck itself was "pimped" with powerful, energy-efficient HELLA LED lighting. The products speak for themselves:


HELLA Light Bar 350: Thanks to their lightweight design, the light strips were mounted in pairs on the front of the driver's cab and do not only provide a much better view in the field, but also in road traffic.


HELLA Q90 Compact LED: The compact and powerful work light is ideal for tight installation situations (here in the boarding area) and provides better ambient lighting on both sides in the front shunting area.


HELLA Power Beam 1800 compact with wide field illumination: These work lights, for which additional protective housings were made especially for the terrain conditions, were mounted on both sides in the upper area of the tail lift. This achieves a wide ambient illumination, which reaches the working crane area ideally.


HELLA Power Beam 1800 compact with close-range illumination: The powerful working light illuminates the rear lateral shunting area on both sides, thus helping with shunting operations in difficult terrain and on steep roads - even on the trailer.


HELLA Power Beam 1000 compact: The two compact work lights, each with six high-performance LEDs, were mounted on the rear of the truck in the reversing light layout, and significantly improve visibility in the rear working area compared to the standard rear lights. The trailer was equipped in the same way.

Special attention was then dedicated to one of the core areas of forestry work, the loading crane. The following products were installed there:


HELLA Ultra Beam II: A powerful double with 4,000 measured lumens each and highly efficient LED technology provides ideal illumination, positioned in the central gripper arm area, and provides exceptional support for the crane operator during work. Thus, even in adverse weather conditions, the ideal "lighting power" for working with the gripper arm is achieved.


Two additional HELLA Power Beam 1800 compact with close-range illumination were mounted at the top of the swivelling loading crane seat area, thus improving the crane driver's direct field of vision in the close-range. The illumination of the two Ultra Beam II is extended seamlessly.


Facing the rear under the loading crane seat, there are further "power packs" – two HELLA Module 70 LED Gen. 3which, thanks to the flexible alignment possibilities, can also be used for situation-dependent illumination in the area of the vehicle's rear axle. This is particularly advantageous, for example, when fitting chains that are not only used in snow but also in deep mud.


As a part of the upgrade, a couple of side marker lights on the logging truck were also replaced with new HELLA products – a working machine with such impressive dimensions must also be clearly visible to other road users at all times.


The perfectly coordinated lighting package now turns night into day for Andre during the demanding forestry work – and not only ensures more efficient work, but also greater safety. The brighter illumination also helps to increase the precision when manoeuvring due to the improved visibility – a particular benefit for the sensitive nature in the forest!


You can read about the positive experiences our lucky winner has already had with his new lighting in our interview.

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