Stay on the safe side: with HELLA beacons

Beacons are not only required during rescue operations, but also always where a special warning is required to alert users to hazardous situations. This is also frequently the case when working with heavy machinery. If professionals have to rely on technology, their first choice will be HELLA beacons and warning systems.


  • K-LED 2.0

As the LED successor to the existing Rotafix, Rotaflex and Rota Compact halogen beacon series, the RotaLED Compact now boasts new product features without having to forfeit any of the tried-and-tested quality of the Rota beacon series. The flashing signal with its very effective warning is generated by the LEDs integrated in the beacon. The RotaLED Compact can therefore function without any moving parts.

The bottom line is that breakdowns are reduced, so are downtimes and costs are minimised - all decisive factors especially in the transportation sector. Thanks to the robust construction of the dome and the housing made of polycarbonate, the beacon can withstand even the more extreme kinds of strain. This is particularly true of the flexi version: with its flexible pipe socket mounting system, it effectively absorbs shocks and knocks and enables the light to always return to its original position.

As well as the pipe socket attachment, other variants are available offering a magnetic mount or a fixed attachment on top. In this way all the different requirements of commercial vehicles can be met. And something that is really beneficial: the previous models can all be replaced 1:1 by the RotaLED Compact.

Product Features:

  • Light colour: amber
  • Light function: flashing, LED
  • SAE Class 2: Multivolt technology (10-32V); SAE Class 3: 12/24 V
  • Current consumption: 10 W (SAE Class 2); 4 W (SAE Class 3)
  • Dust protected and resistant to high-pressure jet cleaners
  • Mounting variants: fixed attachment, flexible pipe socket, magnetic mount

Further details can be obtained in our Short Information

  • RotaLED_Compact_Highlight_Municipal_HELLA

The new HELLA K-LED 2.0 ensures the best possible warning effect and thus optimum safety, as it automatically illuminates 2.3 times brighter during the day than it does at night. It is also the first HELLA beacon where you can choose between rotating or flashing warning signals by pressing a switch or by means of programming. This offers you the right warning signal for any application. The corrosion-proof lamp has an extremely flat design, an impact resistant dome and is also vibration-resistant. The IP 67 protection is a special highlight: The beacon is therefore not only dustproof, it can be briefly immersed in water and still emerge damaged.
Technical data: Multi-volt 10-32 V; weight: 850 g (fixed)/1,025 g (tube)/1,185 g (magnet).

2XD 011 557-101 K-LED 2.0 F
2XD 011 557-201 K-LED 2.0 R
2XD 011 557-301 K-LED 2.0 M

  • K-LED 2.0

The HELLA KLX 7000 offers a tangible xenon benefit: The light values are considerably higher than those of conventional beacons; this is due to the complex design of the inner lens which modulates the light to a highly visible signal with optimum light distribution. The aluminum housing of the KLX 7000 is not only durable and sturdy, it also effectively shields the electronics. The light requires little maintenance and is very easy to clean; it has two circular holes (130 mm / 107 mm) which makes it suitable for plugging into standard mounting fixtures.
Technical data: 12 V; weight: 1,119 g (fixed)/1,382 g (flexible)/1,481 g (magnet).

2RL 008 181-101 KLX 7000 F, amber, 12 V
2RL 008 183-101 KLX 7000 FL, amber, 12 V
2RL 008 182-101 KLX 7000 M, amber, 12 V

  • KLX 7000

The KL 7000 LED by HELLA is the logical development of the popular KL 700 and KL 7000 series which has been tried-and-tested many times over. Particularly notable characteristics of this beacon are its flat and compact design, long design life, and a high degree of efficiency in converting electric power into light. It allows an easy changeover from halogen to LED.
Technical data: Multi-volt 10 - 32 V; weight: 650 g (fixed)/815 g (pipe socket)/1,072 g (magnet)

2RL 011 484-001 KL 7000 LED F, amber
2RL 011 484-011 KL 7000 LED R, amber
2RL 011 484-021 KL 7000 LED M, amber

  • KL 7000 LED

The KL 7000 by HELLA is a compelling choice, not least due to its high-grade technology and maximum light values which achieve an optimum signalling effect. The rugged dome with special lens guarantees a high degree of luminous efficiency. The maintenance-free drive bearing and twin-belt technology achieve maximum running smoothness. Available in 12 V and 24 V; weight: 843 g (fixed) / 983 g (flexible) / 1382 g (tube connector) /1481 g (magnet)

2RL008 061-111 KL 7000 F, amber, 24 V
2RL008 063-111 KL 7000 FL, amber, 24 V
2RL008 060-111 KL 7000 R, amber, 24 V
2RL008 062-111 KL 7000 M, amber, 24 V

  • KL 7000

The HELLA Rota LED is impressive due to its high efficiency, flat compact design and rotating LED light function. The shock-absorbent rubber base makes it extremely resistant to vibrations and therefore especially suitable for demanding applications. It can be attached in different ways to maximize flexibility and cater for every requirement.
Technical data: Multi-volt 10 - 32 V; weight: 850 g (fixed)/970 g (flexible)/930 g (magnet)

2RL 010 979-001 Rota LED F, amber
2RL 010 979-011 Rota LED FL, amber
2RL 010 979-021 Rota LED M, amber

  • Rota LED

The Rotaflex / Rotafix beacon by HELLA is a compact and resilient rotating beacon. It stands out due to its impressive lighting values, an impact-resistant dome and considerable vibration resistance. Weight: 682 g (fixed), 814 g (flexible), 1501 g (magnet)

2RL 007 337-001 KL Rotafix F, yellow, 12 V
2RL 007 337-011 KL Rotafix F, yellow, 24 V
2RL 006 846-001 KL Rotaflex FL, yellow, 12 V
2RL 006 846-011 KL Rotaflex FL, yellow, 24 V
2RL 007 337-021 KL Rotafix M, yellow, 12 V
2RL 007 337-031 KL Rotafix M, yellow, 24 V

  • KL Rotaflex - Rotafix

Often a single beacon does not provide sufficient optical warning. By the positioning of two or four beacons on the perimeter of the vehicle roof, HELLA OWS can offer optimum visibility to others in the field. The OWS7 in particular is a genuine highlight: The modular system concept provides individual configuration options; all requirements are covered from the basic through to the high-end version.
Also use our OWS7 configurator!

The OWS 7 is innovative technology and state-of-the-art design rolled into one. Notable characteristics are a highly efficient lighting output, exceptionally long design life, outstanding efficiency and comprehensive modularity. It is available in widths between 900 mm and 2000 mm, 12 V or 24 V, and is therefore suitable for many different applications.

The OWS-E is available with halogen single reflector system, halogen multi-reflector system or Xenon double flash system in 4 different widths, in 12 V or 24 V.

  • OWS 7 and OWS-E
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