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Auxiliary lamps by HELLA – powerful light with staying power

When it comes down to it, the two most important things for driving safety on long hauls are seeing and being seen. Both of these factors are crucial to safety, and can be influenced effectively. You can do so by optimizing lighting conditions, and therefore visibility, using state-of-the-art lighting solutions.
With the auxiliary lamp series which is specially tailored to trucking requirements, HELLA has developed a range of outstanding products to ensure you will be perfectly equipped for long-distance journeys and continuous operation. The result is different headlamp models whose stability, resilience and unparalleled lighting performance have been legendary for many years and are being continuously and systematically developed further by HELLA engineers. Light that you can rely on.


The DLB 540 from the HELLA VALUEFIT range offers a high-output LED auxiliary driving lamp with a wide illumination of the area in front of the vehicle.


The Luminator from HELLA has been the measure of feasibility in the area of truck illumination for a long time: If you are looking for the best possible illumination, outstanding stability and resilience, this product is always the obvious choice. The Luminator is an uncompromising genuine all-metal headlamp: The housing, bracket, glass retaining ring and reflector are made of metal. Special high-boost reflectors ensure maximum luminous efficiency. As one of the auxiliary lamp series for trucks with the most variants, the Luminator family offers many headlamp models featuring different lighting technologies.


HELLA Rallye 3003 headlamps differ from the Luminator series primarily due to the housing material used: Here, top-quality polystyrene is used rather than metal – ultra light, stable and fully corrosion-resistant. The black solid-colored headlamp housings are equipped with a gray-silver retaining ring and provide impressive visual accents. The housing structure provides stability and the real-glass lens, available in clear glass or blue glass, guarantees long-term scratch resistance.


The HELLA Jumbo series boldly emphasizes the lines of the vehicle with its rectangular, only slightly rounded black shape. It is ideal for fitting at the front of the vehicle due to the upright or pendant surface mounting, offering additional functional benefits: The Jumbo is also (or, indeed, particularly) well suited to situations where mounting a large round headlamp would otherwise be likely to interfere with the engine cooling. The Jumbo is incidentally not only big in terms of size, but also in terms of model diversity!


The HELLA LED Light Bar series is the stylish alternative to round auxiliary headlamps. The extremely flat, aerodynamic and quickly installable light bars are ideal for aerodynamic installation on the roof of truck cabs, especially if a low installation height is needed. The LED light bars in various lengths are especially well suited to conversion thanks to the ease with which they are installed. The use of heat conducting plastic enables an extremely low weight.

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