A headlamp for real heroes of the road

A headlamp for real heroes of the road


We are now sending out a clear and first-class signal to all the heroes of the road. That means, from now on, this light signature stands for all those who do great things with heavy vehicles every day! Show your individuality with the EdgeLight position light: so are you already following the call?

  Luminator LED is your auxiliary headlamp with the unique light signature

Where would heroes of the road be without a few competent helpers? And here comes one more such helper: our Luminator LED headlamp with its EdgeLight position light and individual light signature that won't let you down when night begins to fall. By the way, a 1:1 replacement of your halogen headlamps presents no problem. The full LED headlamp sits securely in its designated place on the vehicle, it looks cool and stays cool, too: thanks to intelligent thermal management.


  The headlamp powerhouse for the high demands that come with the darkness

It's time to get to know this headlamp powerhouse if you value individual style and lighting performance. Here are its best bits at a glance:


  • • Robust LED headlamp made of full metal with a mounting bracket of zinc diecasting
  • Tool-free, easy and convenient pre-adjustment
  • Vibration-resistant even in extreme situations
  • Clear, cold white LED light
  • • Characteristic lighting design - by day and by night!
  • Delay-free light signal: if you use the headlamp flasher, it makes sure you'll get maximum attention on the road
  • Tough and durable thanks to a shock-resistant PC cover lens • Tough thanks to shock-resistant PC screen - is still extremely well built, but weighs only 2,700 g


Further information at: www.hella.com/lightstyle


  HELLA - the partner for lighting and electronics with a true passion

Your new best friend is already looking forward to being invited for interview - ask now for more details in your workshop or check out https://hella-lightstyle.com/de/