K-LED Blizzard
K-LED Blizzard

K-LED Blizzard

Die modulare Shapeline Ein- und Mehrfunktionsleuchten-Baureihe von HELLA.


The new HELLA K-LED Blizzard is the further developed successor to the K-LED FO. The beacon was developed entirely without moving parts and generates an LED double flash signal with a 360° warning effect that can be perceived immediately.

The K-LED-Blizzard housing is powder-coated, which enables it to hold heavier loads, just like the impact-resistant, polycarbonate dome. It is also extremely corrosion-resistant. Due to its robust design without moving parts and the durable and efficient LED technology, the K-LED Blizzard is ideal for demanding application areas with continuous operation, such as for municipal street cleaning and waste disposal.

The beacon is dust-proof, resistant to high-pressure cleaners and fulfills IP 67 and IP X9K requirements. It can even be immersed in up to 1 meter of water.

Intelligent electronics enable multivolt operation and offer overvoltage and polarity reversal protection. Up to 4 beacons can be synchronized with each other.

Existing K-LED FO models can be replaced 1:1 with the new K-LED Blizzard. The light is available in variants for fixed attachment, flexible pipe socket assembly and magnetic attachment.



"When good gets even better" is the perfect description of the new, innovative HELLA K-LED Blizzard. Completely developed without moving parts, the beacon features an extremely robust structure, a slim design and, last but not least, modern, durable, highly efficient and low-consumption LED technology.

As a successor to the widespread, proven K-LED FO, the K-LED Blizzard takes these strengths and adds other features, bringing the light up to the latest state of technology.

The LED technology ensures a widely perceptible, attention-grabbing warning signal, which is generated by a 360° double flashing function without moving parts. Thanks to the omission of these parts, this light is extremely resistant to failure. In combination with the impact-resistant dome and the powder-coated, corrosion-resistant housing, the K-LED Blizzard is ideal for use in municipal emergency vehicles. Certain factors, especially dirt, moisture, road salt, heat, cold and continuous operation, can lead to harsh usage conditions.

The light variants for fixed attachment, magnetic attachment and pipe socket assembly offer a wide variety of options. In the flexible pipe socket variant, the light is particularly resistant to falling branches and always returns to the starting position.

A particular advantage for vehicle owners with an existing K-LED FO is seamless replacement with the cost-optimized K-LED Blizzard. As a result, HELLA always helps you keep pace with the latest in technical developments.



Rated voltage (UN): Multivolt

Operating voltage (UB): 10 - 30 V

Total power consumption: approx. 1.3 A (12 V) / approx. 0.7 A (24 V)

Power consumption: 16 W

Dome: Polycarbonate

Housing: Aluminum

Operation position: Upright

Temperature range: -40°C to +60°C

Polarity reversal protection: Yes

Protection class: IP 6K7, IP 6K9K

Grid-bound radio interference suppression: CISPR 25 Class 5

EMC protection: ECE-R10 058356

Homologation for lighting: ECE-R65 TA1 E1 004744


Magnetic version, permissible speed: max. 120 km / h



Kurz-Information K-LED Blizzard

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