Intelligent battery sensor (IBS)
Intelligent battery sensor (IBS)
Maximum flexibility with the IBS from HELLA when being integrated into different environments
The IBS from HELLA compelling all along the line
The Intelligent Battery Sensor from HELLA (IBS) is the key element for vehicle energy management, reliably and accurately measuring battery voltage, current, and temperature parameters. Information on the state of charge, state of health and state of function of the battery is calculated based on measurements using advanced algorithms. Due to the modular approach, the IBS is suitable for batteries with DIN or JIS polarity. Using intelligent interface management, integration into a higher-level vehicle electric system is not a problem.

The Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) informs you about the current energy status, allowing you to plan your energy supply. Knowing the state of charge, aging and any changes to the battery is a necessity for carefully conserving the energy in the battery of the vehicle electric system, since weak batteries are one of the main causes of vehicle breakdown.

By using the Intelligent Battery Sensor and through integration into the vehicle wiring system, the energy management system can react quickly in the event of a critical battery condition and influence both load behavior and the alternator. This significantly reduces the risk of a vehicle breakdown caused by a dead battery. In addition, the IBS supports functions such as stop/start and the intelligent alternator control, which is used to reduce CO2 emissions and preserve the environment.

The sensor's compact and efficient design allows maximum flexibility for integration into various vehicle environments and minimizes the number of variants.


Specifications for the 24 V variant

Operating temperature: -40 to +105 °C
Operating voltage: 16 V / 32 V
Operating current1 (permanent): 200 A
Degree of protection: IP 6K9K
Maximum current: 2,200 A
Weight: Approx. 100 g

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