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HELLA has kitted out a MAN tractor with Shapeline lamps, work lights, auxiliary lamps, warning lights and has also equipped it with a variety of accessories. You, too, are sure to be inspired by such a show truck.

This MAN tractor can be recognized from a long way off: The driver's cab glistens in HELLA's brand color of yellow; blue balloons draw attention to the individual headlamps and various functions. But the real highlight is the Shapeline lamps, which succeed in giving the tractor an absolutely unique look. This modular light series enables complete lighting systems to be easily created on the modular principle. At the rear of the vehicle, these lights provide the rear lamp, the backup light and the rear fog light. A total of six modules is fitted to achieve this. And the result is an individual light signature.

The highlights from the HELLA range can be found in our Universal Lighting Brochure.


A detailed parts list including all the featured and fitted products can be found here:


Illustration Article no. Designation
Luminator LED 2nd Generation 1F8 011 002-211 Luminator LED 2nd Generation
K-LED Blizzard 2XD 012 980-021 K-LED Blizzard
K-LED Blizzard 1F8 009 797-431 Rallye 3003 LED Pos, Chrome
K-LED Blizzard 1GD 996 193-001 FlatBeam 1000
K-LED Blizzard 2ZR 996 284-511 Q90c backup light
K-LED Blizzard 2KA 959 640-607 LED license plate lamp
K-LED Blizzard 2BA 013 333-051 Direction indicator
K-LED Blizzard 2BA 013 333-061 Direction indicator
K-LED Blizzard 2ZR 013 401-011 Backup light
K-LED Blizzard 2ZR 013 401-021 Backup light
K-LED Blizzard 2XS 013 327-00 Clearance light
2XS 011 768-031 Rubber arm
K-LED Blizzard 2BA 013 335-04 Direction indicator Slim, right
K-LED Blizzard 2BM 013 339-031 Auxiliary indicator
K-LED Blizzard 2BA 013 335-03 Direction indicator Slim, left
K-LED Blizzard 2BM 013 339-041 Auxiliary indicator
K-LED Blizzard 3PB 005 411– 001 Trumpet horn
K-LED Blizzard 2NE 013 343-051 Rear fog light
K-LED Blizzard 2NE 013 343-061 Rear fog light
K-LED Blizzard 8KW 744 837-002 Cable connector
K-LED Blizzard 9GD 746 185 002 Gasket
K-LED Blizzard 8JA 746 184-032 Plug housing with bush
K-LED Blizzard 8JA 746 184-022 Plug housing, 2-pin
K-LED Blizzard 9XL 715 991-001 Switch, horn
K-LED Blizzard 2SB 013 399-021 Tail-stop light / rear combination lamp
K-LED Blizzard 2SB 013 399-011 Tail-stop light
2BA 013 332-041 Direction indicator
2BA 013 332-031 Direction indicator
K-LED Blizzard 2NR 013 345-221 Rear combination lamp
K-LED Blizzard 2NR 013 345-211 Rear combination lamp