Opel Antara - Radio display sporadically fails | HELLA



Model year: 2007

With engine: Z20DMH/Z20DM/Z24XE/Z32SE

Radio display sporadically fails / engine is in emergency mode

A faulty alternator controller may cause sporadic failures of the radio display in the above vehicles. Furthermore, the engine may enter the emergency mode.

This is often accompanied by the following error codes:

Body Control Module (BCM): B1517 (battery voltage)

Engine control unit: P0621 (alternator failure)

P0622 (alternator failure)

To remedy this, a modified alternator controller (93744610) should be installed.

Modified controller have already been used in production from the following VINs:

W0LLA63F870094862 – for engine code Z20DM/Z20DMH

W0LLA63F170151709 – for engine code Z24XE

W0LLA63F370094865 – for engine code Z32SE

Note: Delete the fault memory after the repair.

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