KIA Picanto - Compressor does not work | BEHR HELLA



Model year: 2004–2008

With air-conditioning system

Compressor does not work

Compressor coupling makes noises

Fuse faulty

If the air-conditioning compressor should fail or noises be produced on the above mentioned vehicles, a possible cause is a faulty solenoid coil on the compressor coupling. Prior to replacing the solenoid coil, check the main A/C fuse (10A), which is sometimes blown by an electrical short-circuit in the coupling. A resistance measurement is also to be made on the coupling. The nominal value is: approx. 3 - 4 Ohm. If the value is in this range, the coupling is in order and the surrounding area is to be checked. If the value is zero Ohm, a short-circuit can be assumed. The faulty solenoid coil or the compressor should be replaced. On the replacement of the solenoid coil the following is to be noted:

  • The vehicle manufacturer sells a repair kit (can be ordered via the manufacturer's hotline)
  • On removing/ fitting the coupling, pay attention to the markings or mark the position of the parts
  • Undo/remove central coupling screw
  • Remove belt pulley locking ring
  • Take off belt pulley
  • Remove solenoid coil locking ring
  • Undo fitting for the retainer for the electrical

connection (to make the removal of the retaining fitting easier, a tool is included with the repair kit that is fitted to the head of the retaining screw to undo it)

  • Unlock/pull off connector
  • Remove solenoid coil
  • Fit new solenoid coil. The marks on the solenoid coil and compressor must match
  • On fitting the belt pulley, ensure the milled face on the locking ring is pointing upwards
  • The tightening torque for the central coupling fastening is 10 - 15 Nm

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