Ford Focus - Loss of engine power | HELLA



Model year: 2004–2011

Motor 1.6 16 V (HXDA)

Loss of engine power.

Malfunction indicator light comes on.

If a customer complains about the above problem, this could be caused by a throttle valve sensor. The following error codes can be stored in the 'engine' system's event memory via implausible values for the throttle valve sensor, which are transferred to the engine control unit.

Error code `the same as`:

- P2119, 'Throttle valve is stiff'.

- P2135, `Throttle valve potentiometer,

pedal sensor`.

- P2176, `Throttle valve system, idle, —

home position not acquired'.

Additional tests must be carried out in relation to the stored error codes. The throttle body (operate the throttle valve manually 3 to 5 times and check that it springs just before the closed position). Check the wiring harness for damage, and the plugs, and plug contacts for corrosion. If necessary, replace all components (see table for spare part overview). The tightening torque of the fixing screws is 1.6 Nm.

SP No. Spare parts (SP)

1 unit: 1483794 Throttle valve sensor (fig. 1)

1 unit: 1482537 Wiring harness (16 V).

1 unit: 1482539 Wiring harness (Ti-VCT).

1 unit: 1483795 Throttle valve body

(if necessary)

4 units: 1362990 Screw.

Fig. 1

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