Ford Focus - Illumination of the malfunction indicator lamp | HELLA


Focus 1.6 16V

Focus C-Max 1.6 16V
With engine code HWDA

Year of manufacture from 5/2005 to 1/2007

Illumination of the malfunction indicator lamp

If a customer complains about the above error, this could be caused by a defective throttle potentiometer and/or a corroded connecting plug. The error could also become noticeable by a significant lack of power. The following error codes could be stored in memory:


Throttle position sensor/throttle error


PCM/throttle/accelerator pedal position sensor switch A/B voltage ratio


PCM/electronic throttle/calibration error

In this case, proceed as follows:

- Clean plug contact of throttle potentiometer.

- If the contacts have been destroyed, the potentiometer (Ford part no. 1483794) must be replaced.

- To replace the potentiometer, remove the throttle housing and install the new potentiometer.

- Check the movement of the throttle. Perform this check by moving the throttle a couple of times by hand. The throttle must return smoothly to the original position after being released. If this is not the case, correct the movement of the throttle or optionally replace the throttle housing (Ford part no. 1483795).

- After the repair, clear the event memory and check the engine for problem-free functioning.

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