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All models with xenon headlights

Model years to 10/2006

Bend lighting not functioning

If a customer complains about the above error, this could be caused by the rear axle sensor of the level control. In general, an error message is also displayed. The error message indicates that the bend headlights are malfunctioning. Do not be confused by this information. If a fault occurs in the AFS (Advanced Frontlight Systems) headlight systems, all AFS light functions such as dynamic bend lighting, static bend lighting, motorway lighting etc. are normally deactivated. This is also the case when a fault occurs in the level control. In this case, the rear axle sensor must be checked and replaced if necessary. Corrosion caused by ingress of water is often the cause of failure of the sensor.


After repair, the new normal position of the sensor must be saved in the control unit. Follow the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions in this case.

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