S-series work lamps from HELLA: Expertise meets precision

How does an idea become a high-quality product? We at HELLA are certain: it requires expertise, passion and efficient manufacturing that is oriented towards modern industry standards. Our new S series work lamp for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, forklifts, trucks, trailers and municipal vehicles shows how this "triad" can look in practice. Here, precision down to the last millimetre, many years of lighting expertise and a good dollop of love for the product create a perfect lighting solution for use on the roads and in the fields. 

We will take you on a little journey to explain the "millimetre precision" part. Our destination is Burgenland in Austria. The S series comes off the production line at our site there in Großpetersdorf – or, more precisely, ‘through’ our semi-automated production line. In order to offer you and your customers the HELLA quality you have come to expect, we are investing in Industry 4.0 solutions, such as human-machine collaboration at the Großpetersdorf plant. This optimises our production processes and improves productivity. This is how we ultimately bring reliable, OEM-quality products to the market that provide greater safety in conditions with difficult visibility.

Long-life work lamps with illumination similar to daylight

The S series work lamps provide homogeneous illumination with a light colour similar to daylight thanks to LED technology. The colour temperature is approximately 6,500 kelvin. Compared to halogen devices, the S series scores points for its high efficiency thanks to its excellent lumen-watt performance. Thanks to the universal and slim design, vehicles can easily and quickly be converted from their existing halogen technology to LED technology. It continuously fulfils the highest EMC requirements.


To ensure that the work lamps also withstand harsher operating environments and weigh as little as possible, the housing and cover lens are made of special plastics. The new cooling fin design is not only modern but also ensures optimum heat dissipation, which increases the efficiency and lifetime of the work lamps, something that is also improved by the integrated thermal management. The work lamps produce their full light output at an ambient temperature between -40°C and +50°C. If there is a risk of overheating, the work lamp automatically dims.