OLED, Matrix LED high beam and light animations -- the intelligent lighting concept in the new Audi A8 at a glance


The expectations for cars have changed. Especially in the luxury class, car buyers expect novel, innovative lighting concepts and a unique lighting design. And if all that can get individualised -- perfecto!

In cooperation with Audi, HELLA has developed a comprehensive lighting package, which exactly meets these expectations: the lighting concept of the new Audi A8 brings everything onto the road that is currently possible.

No blinder: the light in the new Audi A8.

Let's take a closer look at the striking design of the new Audi A8. The sharply contoured headlamps immediately attract one's attention. The Matrix LED high beam is a special highlight enabling optimal visibility. Per unit, it integrates 32 small, individually adjustable light emitting diodes that transmit light in two lines. Thanks to this new arrangement and the also variably controllable low beam in the lower headlamp area, the A8 illuminates the road most dynamically and precisely. The other traffic participants are not blinded by the light beam eclipsing them.

A particularly powerful laser high beam is optional for the new Audi A8, which turns on automatically at a speed of 40mph. A small laser module projecting a light beam across several hundred meters is integrated in every headlamp. For the first time, the laser high beam adjusts to the course of the road. This allows it to illuminate curves even better.

Communication with the driver

An additional highlight becomes evident when opening the new Audi A8, as the car virtually communicates with the driver. A dynamic lighting animation in the daytime running light welcomes the driver. When leaving and locking the vehicle, a distinctive OLED (organic light emitting diode) rear combination lamp animation will see off the driver.

The individual lighting style continues inside the vehicle. Lateral light bands between the ceiling handles provide greetings to the driver using running light effects. And while driving, they create a pleasant atmosphere.

But the passenger is not left out either. An optional Matrix LED reading lamp provides targeted illumination in the rear vehicle ceiling.