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Trafic III

1.6 dCi

Replacing the rear combination lamps

CAUTION Risk of burns. The lamps may still have residual heat from previous operation.

Figure 1:

  • Item 1 – 2 Direction indicators
  • Item 3 – 4 Rear stop lamps

Replacing the rear combination lamps.

To replace the lamps, proceed as follows:

  • Switch off the ignition and light switch
  • Open the tailgate
  • Loosen and remove screws (Figure 2)
  • Carefully release the lamp from the retainer with a plastic wedge (Figure 3)
  • Loosen the plug connection (Figure 4)
  • Loosen the lamp holder in a counterclockwise direction

(Figure 5 / 6) and remove

Do not touch the glass bulbs of the lamps with bare hands (use a suitable soft cloth).

  • Carefully remove the defective lamp from the base holder and replace with a new one

-Direction indicator lamp = 12V 21W yellow

-Rear combination lamp = 12V 21/5W

  • Check function
  • To fit the lamp, follow the removal steps in reverse order
  • Once the lamps are fitted, check them again to ensure that they work correctly

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

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