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Range Rover

Sport V8 – 4.2L(2006-2008) and LR3(2005-2008)

Noise (creaking/squeaking) in the area of the dashboard

If there are noises in the Range Rover Sport (see above for model series), such as creaking and squeaking, in the area of the dashboard, the precise cause is difficult to determine; it is probably caused by dirt build-up between the driving shafts of the recirculation flap. This noise increases appreciably when the air conditioning is switched to recirculation.


- Lubricate the recirculation driving shafts.

- To do so, remove the glove compartment, the side cover of the audio system, the cover panels of the right centre console and the cover panels of the glove compartment (see photo for positions).

- After removing these parts, turn on the ignition and set the air conditioning to fresh air.

- The driving shafts are now visible.

- Turn off the ignition and lubricate the rods with appropriate lubricant.

- Turn the ignition back on and switch the air conditioning from fresh air to recirculation mode several times (up to 10 times).

- If the noise does not occur any longer, reinstall the parts.

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