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MY: 2006–2014

Low beam: Replacing the H7 bulb

Replacing the halogen bulb in the right-hand low beam (front passenger side):

Work steps:

- Remove the air intake pipe (Fig. 1);

Fig. 1

- Release the fixing clamp (Fig. 2) from the suction hose.

Fig. 2

- Release the air filter housing (Fig. 3) from the holders and then tilt by 90°.

Fig. 3

- Unlock the locking clamp (Fig. 4)

- Remove the headlamp cover cap (Fig. 5)

Fig. 4 Fig. 5

- Remove the connector. (Fig. 6)

Fig. 6

- Remove the bulb, (Fig. 7) note the locking tabs.

Fig. 7

- Insert a new bulb suitable for the recess (Fig. 8) and snap/clip into place (Fig. 7).

- Connect the connector.

- Correctly position the headlamp cover cap and lock the locking clamp.

- Reinstall the air filter housing and the suction hose.

Fig. 8

Replacing the halogen bulb in the left-hand low beam (driver's side):

Work steps:

- Remove the filler tube container for the windshield washer system.

- Remove the cover cap from the headlight housing.

- Unlock the locking clip.

- Remove the wiring harness connector.

- Unlock and remove the bulb as for the right-hand side.

- Insert a new bulb suitable for the recess and clip into place.

- Reassemble in reverse order.

- Perform a functional test.

- Check the headlamp adjustment and correct if necessary.

Fig. 9


Light sources should always be replaced in pairs — this applies especially for the low beam and high beam.

Hella H7 halogen bulbs

- 8GH 007 157-121

- 8GH 007 157-451

- 8GH 007 157-471

- 8GH 007 157-551

- 8GH 178 560-491


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