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Mazda 3 (1st generation)

Series January 2008 to March 2009

Failure of the front windshield wiper motor

If a malfunction of the front windshield wiper motor is complained at in these vehicles, one possible cause may be corrosion at the earth connection of the front windshield wiper motor. The loss of contact may result in complete failure of the wiper motor. An (additional) earth cable must be mounted to repair this situation.

- Install additional earth cable.

- Check fuse.

- Check operation of windshield wiper motor.

The vehicle manufacturer is already aware of the problem. As part of a service action, the vehicles are checked and a new (additional) earth cable is installed.

Nevertheless, one may assume that for various reasons not all vehicles have been checked and repaired.

Please note this information in the wake of complaints in connection with malfunctions of the front windshield wiper motor.

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